Car Dealers


1923 Auto Dealers.jpg (644580 bytes)        1923 Auto Dealers 1.jpg (748783 bytes)
A few of the car dealerships circa 1923


Bennett Motor sales.jpg (124759 bytes)        Tranter ford.jpg (114667 bytes)        Superior chev.jpg (101043 bytes)        Tri county chev.jpg (84230 bytes)
Bennett Motor Sales               Trantor-Williams Ford                 Superior Chevrolet                Tri-County Chevrolet
De Soto-Plymouth                                                                                                                                                                

   Bennett Motor Sales was located in Cherry Grove on Beechmont Ave., he later moved to 2358 Gilbert Ave. and sold Cadillacs. Trantor-Williams was located at Oakley Sq. Superior Chevrolet was located at 4124 Spring Grove Ave. and Tri-County was at Kemper & Princeton Rds.


   Queen city chev 1.jpg (109100 bytes)    Queen city chev 1a.jpg (126824 bytes)    Queen city chev 2.jpg (106848 bytes)    Queen city chev 3.jpg (114652 bytes)    Queen City Chevy.jpg (663717 bytes)

   The five cards above are of Queen City Chevrolet. The first three at 6th & Sycamore, the last two at 414 E. Court St. 

Queen City Chevrolet-n.jpg (277102 bytes)    Queen City Chevrolet-n back.jpg (87791 bytes)
Queen City Chevrolet salesman card


Avondale Chevrolet.jpg (121080 bytes)          Menke Motor Sales-Cheviot.jpg (357596 bytes)          Schiear interior.jpg (98010 bytes)          Columbia Oldsmobile.jpg (281976 bytes)
Avondale Chevrolet               Menke Motor Sales, Inc.       Chas. Schlear Motor Car Co.           Columbia Oldsmobile
 3425 Reading Road              3500 Harrison Ave. Oakley    3705 Montgomery & 124 E. 8th             524 Sycamore St.     


Tom Kneer Dodge-back.jpg (129488 bytes)    Tom Kneer Dodge.jpg (370904 bytes)                Sycamore Motors-9th & Sycamore.jpg (249223 bytes)    Sycamore Motors-back.jpg (137337 bytes)
Tom Kneer Dodge Inc.  3730 Harrison Avenue                                        Sycamore Motors  9th & Sycamore          
                                                                                                            Dodge & Plymouth


C.C.Long Motors.jpg (295159 bytes)    C.C.Long Motors-back.jpg (150745 bytes)                Queensgate Dodge-1904 Reo.jpg (276290 bytes)    Queensgate Dodge-back.jpg (112715 bytes)
    C. C. Long Motors 2315 Gilbert Avenue                                     Queensgate Dodge 8th & Freeman Streets


Schmidlapp Motors.jpg (310836 bytes)    Schmidlapp Motors-back.jpg (189515 bytes)                Cronin Motor Co..jpg (266729 bytes)
Schmidlapp Motor Co. 3804 Montgomery Rd., Norwood                  1955 Ford Card Sent by        
                                                                                                             Cronin Motor Co. Inc.
                                                                                                            4149-51 Spring Grove Ave.


Hendrixson Motors, Reading.jpg (378359 bytes)                        Bob Williams Milford.JPG (217343 bytes) * Bob Williams back.jpg (58183 bytes)
Hendrixson Motors Inc.                                      Bob Williams Chevrolet/Oldsmobile  Milford    
Reading Rd. at Amity.                                                                                                                        


1969 Buick Skylark.jpg (349839 bytes)              1969 Buick Special.jpg (268483 bytes)
            1969 Buick Skylark              1969 Buick Special Deluxe Coupe

   The two cards above were made for the Jennings Buick Family located at 7707 Vine Street.


98 Regency.jpg (396024 bytes)    98 Regency back.jpg (155343 bytes)                Olds Custom Cruiser.jpg (375874 bytes)    Olds Custom Cruiser back.jpg (157526 bytes)
1976 Olds. 98 Regency                                                                  1976 Olds. Custom Cruiser

   The two cards above were made for the Frazier-Williams Chevrolet-Oldsmobile, Inc. dealership in Milford, Ohio.


Leyman Buick.jpg (484977 bytes)    Leyman Buick back.jpg (402285 bytes)
The Leyman-Buick Co.  7th & Elm Sts.



Cadillac 30 Auto.jpg (33333 bytes)

The Cadillac Motor Sales Co. at 3042 Reading Road.


Chalmers 'Thirty-Six' Auto.jpg (46126 bytes)

The J. H. Ratliff Automobile Co. at 30 Opera Place between Vine & Race.


CinO Auto.jpg (44536 bytes)                Cino Ad.jpg (98827 bytes)

The Harberer & Co. at Gest & Evans Sts.


Marmon Auto.jpg (19972 bytes)

   The Kruse Motor Car Co. at 123 East Seventh St.



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