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Masseys Rest 1.jpg (108324 bytes)                         Masseys Rest vert.jpg (123381 bytes)                       Masseys Rest 2.jpg (104513 bytes)
These three cards are Massey's Hotel and Restaurant located on the n.w. corner of Eighth and Race


Lower Market Rest.jpg (93376 bytes)                  Mayflower Rest.jpg (127424 bytes)                    The Colony.jpg (121530 bytes)
I am guessing this is at the                 Mayflower at Oak & Reading                      The Colony on Walnut   
     Pearl Street Market                                       Avondale                                        Between 4th and 5th sts.
between 2nd & 3rd Sts.                                                                                                                                     


Manhattan Rest.jpg (110065 bytes)            L.C.Riggs-Manhattan Restaurant.jpg (141830 bytes)
Manhattan at 17 W. 5th St.          Owner-L. C. Riggs  

   The Manhattan Restaurant was originally known as the Riggs Restaurant. A employee of the Riggs, George W. Berger, bought the business around 1906 and renamed it the Manhattan Restaurant. It became a very large concern employing over 250 men and women including over 25 chefs and bakers. The Manhattan served over 10,000 people daily. The drawing above is somewhat mis-leading and must have been drawn just when the transfer of ownership was taking place.


Wheel Cafe-interior.jpg (671564 bytes)                Wheel Cafe vert.jpg (112614 bytes)              Wheel Cafe horz.jpg (97539 bytes)            Meyer Silverglade.jpg (85690 bytes)
                            These cards are of the Wheel Cafe on Walnut near 6th.                                          Meyer Silverglade

   The drawing shows Meyer Silverglade who was 1/2 owner of the Wheel Cafe and the owner of the Hub around the corner at 42 E. 5th Street. He was also director of the Peoples Bank.


Wong Yie Rest.jpg (95605 bytes)            Wongs rest vert.jpg (111201 bytes)
Wong Yies had 2 places, at 6th & Main and 6th & Walnut 


Capronis Rest 2.jpg (120715 bytes)            Caproni's-3.jpg (123775 bytes)            Capronis Rest 1.jpg (127697 bytes)
All three of  these cards show Caproni's at 610 Main Street.


Sunset Inn Harrison.jpg (99405 bytes)    Harrison-Sunset Inn.jpg (209381 bytes)                Harrison Sunset Inn.jpg (708298 bytes)    Harrison Sunset Inn back.jpg (231711 bytes)
Sunset Inn Harrison    Harrison Pike and New Haven Road


Birds Eye From Mt Adams-10.jpg (131282 bytes)        Glen Schmidts Newport set.jpg (84886 bytes)
Front of all 6 cards                        Glen Schmidt's    
                                                    18 E. 5th St. Newport, KY

Grafton's back.jpg (79025 bytes)  Dick Porfidio's Wishing Well-Amity & Reading Rds.jpg (93955 bytes)  Grammer's-1440 Walnut St.jpg (82193 bytes)  Boteff's Restaurant.jpg (84338 bytes)  Martinelli's.jpg (94189 bytes)
  Grafton's  7314 Montgomery Road, Silverton                                Grammer's 1440 Walnut St.                                        Martinelli's         
  Dick Porfidio's Wishing Well Amity & Reading Rds.               Boteff's Glenmore & Applegate Aves.             10122 Reading Rd. Evendale

   The front of all the cards above are identical, obviously these are part of a set possibly put out by the Cincinnati Times-Star although I really don't see a newspaper doing something like this.


Arrow Head Inn.jpg (136641 bytes)        Mills Rest.jpg (99420 bytes)    Mills Restaurants.jpg (134257 bytes)        College Hill Grill.jpg (97009 bytes)
Arrowhead Inn                             Mills Restaurant at 31-39 E.4th Street                                College Hill Grill  
                                                                                                                                                          5907 Hamilton Ave.

   Located in Branch Hill (south of Loveland) the Arrowhead Inn (Club) was an illegal casino back when it opened and was run by Joseph Bauer, Sam Nason, and Harold Nason. It was the forerunner to Beverly Hills and The Lookout House and the first of the areas big Supper Clubs with gambling. Opened sometime in the early 30s big name entertainers and gambling was available in plush surroundings. The county prosecutor ordered the club to close down in 1937 but was ignored. The prosecutor led the raid himself that closed the club down for good and all the equipment was confiscated. The Nasons controlled Elmwood and Southern Ohio gambling and reached into Northern Kentucky gambling for the Cleveland Syndicate from 1932-1951. The Arrowhead Apartments now occupy the site at 800 Arrowhead Trail.


Porfidio's.jpg (107419 bytes)        Chester's Road House.jpg (118016 bytes)        The Twins Rib House.jpg (106885 bytes)
            Porfidio's                         Chester's Road House             The Twins Rib House  
 198 Reading Road  OTR          9678 Montgomery Road           3807 North Bend Road  
                                               Montgomery                                    Cheviot


Matthews restaurants.jpg (97805 bytes)        Mathews Grill-2n.jpg (266372 bytes)
Matthews Restaurants Emery Arcade & 108 W. 7th St.


Luau Smorgasbord.jpg (121579 bytes)        The Colonnade.jpg (116337 bytes)        Windjammer.jpg (134514 bytes)        Maisonette.jpg (116407 bytes)
Luau Smorgasbord                      The Colonnade                            Windjammer                                Maisonette        
      126 East 6th St.                     Central Trust Tower                   11330 Chester Road              Cincinnati's only 5 star
                                                                                                        Sharonville                                  Restaurant


Old Vienna.jpg (128735 bytes)            Shuller's Wigwam.jpg (111597 bytes)            Sycamore Shores.jpg (105377 bytes)            Carrousel Inn La Ronde.jpg (128037 bytes)
 Old Vienna                        Shuller's Wigwam                    Sycamore Shores                La Ronde Restaurant
 9th & Plum                       6210 Hamilton Ave.                Floating Restaurant                8001 Reading Road
                                      College Hill                        7455  Forbes Road                          Reading
                                         Sayler Park


Johnny Bench's Home Plate.jpg (120531 bytes)                Big Klus Restaurant.JPG (119897 bytes) * Big Klus back.JPG (61397 bytes)                Captain Al's.jpg (325384 bytes)
Johnny Bench's Home Plate                             Ted Kluszewski's Steak House                                        Captain Al's            
  Northgate Mall                                                       Five Locations                                                 4332 River Road
                                                                                                                                                              Riverside (Anderson Ferry)


North Bend RR Station.jpg (279742 bytes)    Cliff View Rest.jpg (94370 bytes)    Cliff View-28.jpg (332121 bytes)    Cliff View-interior.jpg (79255 bytes)    Cleves N Bend Inn.jpg (355987 bytes)
North Bend Station                                                                             Cliff View House in North Bend                                                            

   Cliff View House was reached by the Cliff Road seen in the North Bend Station card above. This road also led to Harrison's Tomb and was one of the reasons the restaurant was built. It was thought that the tomb would be a strong tourist attraction which, unfortunately, it never was. The restaurant did not survive the depression. Cliff Road is also known as Congress Green Drive.

Cliff-View-3.jpg (84265 bytes)        Doublecard-From Cliff View.jpg (782849 bytes)        Cliffview House-2.jpg (106093 bytes)
Double card of Ohio River taken from Cliff View House.


Dragon Inn.jpg (409379 bytes) * Dragon Inn back.jpg (166917 bytes)
Dragon Inn- Swifton Shopping Center
and Florence Kentucky (view on card)
*Thanks to Scott Kabakoff



Music Palace.jpg (864121 bytes)    Music Palace back.jpg (96842 bytes)            Dave Weingartner Music Palace.jpg (188768 bytes)    Dave Weingartner Music Palace back.jpg (51470 bytes)

 Music Palace Restaurant.  400 Yorkhaven Dr., Springdale

Karl Cole.jpg (300669 bytes)    Karl Cole-back.jpg (65597 bytes)        Music Palace Karl Cole.jpg (188074 bytes) * Music Palace Karl Cole (2).jpg (121277 bytes)
                                                                                                *Thanks to Frank Peel

Springdale Music Palace.jpg (854344 bytes)        Music Palace Organ.jpg (247159 bytes)
The Organ

   The Music Palace Restaurant shown in the cards above burned down in June of 1992. A new restaurant was built on Chester Road in Sharonville and opened in the Fall of 1997. The restaurant features some of the greatest organists from this part of the country.

Camellia Room Harrison Ave..jpg (427380 bytes)
The Camellia Room
3721 Harrison Ave.

   The Camellia Room & Cocktail Lounge, in Cheviot, specialized in Italian food you could also dance. 3721 Harrison is now a parking lot.


The Coffee Emporiom.jpg (548192 bytes)        The Coffee Emporium Now.jpg (312669 bytes)
The Coffee Emporium 3316 Erie Ave.

   The 2nd image above shows the Coffee Emporium as it looks today.