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Not a postcard

     All these cards are of the Sinton Hotel which was located on the South east corner of Fourth and Vine. It had 450 rooms in the beginning but later additions added another 300 rooms. It was built in 1907. The Sinton was considered the city's most stylish hotel with its "French Second Empire" look with a reinforced concrete skeleton. This was the hotel where the visiting Chicago "Black Sox" players allegedly agreed to throw the 1919 World Series to the Cincinnati Reds. The hotel was demolished in 1967.

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Hotel Sinton 9 vert.jpg (107743 bytes)    Hotel Sinton 10 vert.jpg (81572 bytes)    Hotel Sinton 6 vert.jpg (127415 bytes)    Hotel Sinton 7 vert.jpg (130295 bytes)    Sinton-VC.jpg (270757 bytes)    Hotel Sinton 14vert.jpg (122856 bytes)


Hotel Sinton 11 vert.jpg (106502 bytes)    Hotel Sinton 12 vert.jpg (106720 bytes)    Hotel Sinton 13vert.jpg (97934 bytes)    Sinton-BWWB.jpg (255434 bytes)    Sinton-z2.jpg (127857 bytes)    Sinton-z4.jpg (107029 bytes)


Sinton-z9.jpg (86687 bytes)    Sinton-z10.jpg (131211 bytes)    Sinton-z5.jpg (116982 bytes)    Sinton-z7.jpg (106272 bytes)    Sinton-z8.jpg (117073 bytes)    Sinton-z6.jpg (124161 bytes)


Sinton-VBW.jpg (248279 bytes)        Hotel Sinton 15vert.jpg (112890 bytes)        Hotel Sinton 16vert.jpg (120799 bytes)


Hotel Sinton interior 1.jpg (109986 bytes)    Sinton-ladies dining room-2n.jpg (96840 bytes)        Hotel Sinton interior 2.jpg (105888 bytes)
      Ladies dining room-same picture                                     The Kneipe 


Hotel Sinton interior 3.jpg (97994 bytes)        Sinton Grand Cafe-3.jpg (251793 bytes)        Hotel Sinton interior 4.jpg (91612 bytes)                    Hotel Sinton interior 6.jpg (118226 bytes)
                       Grand dining room                                      same room set up for banquet                                Coffee Shop    


Hotel Sinton interior 5.jpg (95165 bytes)                    Hotel Sinton interior 12.jpg (99600 bytes)    Huyler-Sinton.jpg (207157 bytes)
Candy Shop                                                        Huyler's-Another Candy Store       


Hotel Sinton interior 7.jpg (120974 bytes)    Sinton-z1.jpg (126953 bytes)    Hotel Sinton interior 8.jpg (100093 bytes)    Hotel Sinton interior 9.jpg (129040 bytes)    Hotel Sinton interior 10.jpg (86475 bytes)
                                               The Grand Gallery                                                            The Convention Hall          Bridal Reception Room


Hotel Sinton interior 11.jpg (118489 bytes)            Hotel Sinton interior 16.jpg (123541 bytes)            Hotel Sinton interior 13.jpg (106218 bytes)    Sinton Writing Room.jpg (266234 bytes)
The Forest Glade                           The Billiard Room                                               The Writing Room                         


Hotel Sinton interior 14.jpg (106890 bytes)    Sinton interior lobby.jpg (104670 bytes)    Hotel Sinton interior 15.jpg (112597 bytes)                Sinton tours.jpg (115412 bytes)
                        Three cards showing the lobby                                                                      Baxter's Tours


Sinton Hotel Meeting.jpg (240724 bytes)

   The RPPC above shows one of the Sinton Hotel meeting rooms set up for some type of a discussion group, (the card does not explain).


Sinton Bar.jpg (432810 bytes)

   For some reason I have never seen a postcard of the Sinton's bar, except the later Lamp Post Corner below. Therefore I had to resort to the photograph above.


St RR pass-Bird Show Sinton.jpg (108057 bytes)

   Cincinnati Street Railway pass to be used on Sunday 11/3/40 for the Bird Club Show that was being held at the Sinton Hotel. It allowed the holder to ride almost any car to get to and from this event.



Sinton new 1.jpg (95544 bytes)                                                             Sinton new 2 vert.jpg (120008 bytes)    Lamp Post Corner Bar.jpg (108969 bytes)
 Lobby                                                                                           Lamp Post Corner




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