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                                                                                         Looking East


READING                                              SEDAMSVILLE

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            Looking East                        Day Version                         Night Version           Photograph used for last 2



   The following section is of a rarely seen panorama of Cincinnati that was taken in 1866. This is the earliest panoramic photograph showing the details of the heart of the city. Of course the 1848 daguerreotype, seen on the Panoramas Page, of the waterfront was the first. J. W. Winder, a local photographer, took these photographs from the top of Mozart Hall which was just south of Sixth and Vine Streets (where later the Grand Theater would stand). The panorama was first seen at Winder's Fourth Street Studio on July 28, 1866. The map below shows what area each photograph is viewing. The explanations that accompany each image was written 30-40 years ago so the buildings that are mentioned, for the most part, no longer stand. You will have to insert today's structures into the explanation. There is no easy way to show this panorama but this was the best I could come up with. I believe the trouble you will have will be worth it. 

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Panorama sections


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 Section  I                       Section II                      Section III                      Section IV


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       Section V                             Section VI                    Section VII                          Section VIII       


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Section IX                          Section X       




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