Bird's-Eye Views


   The non-postcard image below is a rarely seen early drawing of Cincinnati.

Multiviews-small book.jpg (648019 bytes)

If you would like to see some non postcard panoramas that I have found, click on the Panoramas button above.


This page may take awhile to load because of the size of some of these images.

  The first panoramic view is a four part card that I had to scan in two parts. This view was taken in 1908 from the roof of the Julian & Kokenge Co. (to see this building go to the Clothing-Hats-Shoes page of the Business section). To orient you: this building was on East Fourth Street across from Lytle Park, (the park is behind and below the flag pole).

Fourcard panorama-a.jpg (188151 bytes)Fourcard panorama-b.jpg (222407 bytes)


This double card view was taken from Mount Adams.

Doublecard Mt Adams.jpg (201859 bytes)


This is a 3 part card that I had to scan in two sections. 

BEV 1 &2.jpg (233343 bytes)BEV 3.jpg (115019 bytes)


The next 15 cards are all taken from Mount Adams.

BEV-Mt Adams-de.jpg (103458 bytes)    From Mt Adams-1.jpg (90710 bytes)    From Mt Adams-2.jpg (118476 bytes)    Birds Eye From Mt Adams-1.jpg (110181 bytes)    Birds Eye From Mt Adams-2.jpg (86258 bytes)

Birds Eye From Mt Adams-3.jpg (108243 bytes)    Birds Eye From Mt Adams-4.jpg (111767 bytes)    Birds Eye From Mt Adams-5.jpg (120437 bytes)    Birds Eye From Mt Adams-6.jpg (144581 bytes)    Birds Eye From Mt Adams-7.jpg (103592 bytes)

Birds Eye From Mt Adams-8.jpg (116105 bytes)    Birds Eye From Mt Adams-10.jpg (131282 bytes)    Birds Eye From Mt Adams-9.jpg (146834 bytes)

View From Mt. Adams.jpg (225985 bytes)            Retreat House in the Sky.jpg (311114 bytes)
Early View From Mt. Adams        Newer View From Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams View 1909.jpg (3944144 bytes)        Cincinnati 1909.jpg (2127016 bytes)
Two 1909 large photographic views from Mt. Adams


View From Price's Hill.jpg (238669 bytes)        Birds eye view from Price Hill.jpg (133719 bytes)        Looking Southeast-rp.jpg (108787 bytes)        BEV From Price Hill.jpg (366899 bytes)
Four Views From Price Hill

   The third card above was taken from Warsaw Avenue looking toward Cincinnati. The Scheve Hardware building seen on the right was located at 2129 West 8th Street.


Union Terminal Birds eye.jpg (81441 bytes)
Over top of Union Station


Top Union Trust-1.jpg (84966 bytes)    Top Union Trust-2.jpg (114959 bytes)                B E V of Mt Adams from 4th and Walnut.jpg (106375 bytes)                B E V of Mt Adams new one.jpg (121144 bytes)
View toward Mt. Adams from top the Union Trust.                   View from 4th & Walnut                                                              


Not a postcard
Top Union Bank-1901.jpg (512429 bytes)
Union Savings Bank & Trust
Fourth and Walnut


Northeast from 1st National.jpg (123776 bytes)            BEV From 4th and Main.jpg (115440 bytes)                Looking south from first national-1.jpg (148624 bytes)    Looking south from first national-2.jpg (124501 bytes)
Northeast                                             East                                                                           Southeast                    
Views  from top of First National Bank. 


Suspension bridge-1.jpg (97004 bytes)                            Longworth building-1.jpg (81714 bytes)                Longworth building-2.jpg (96103 bytes)
       Looking South                                           Views from the Longworth Building at 215 West Fourth Street.


BEV-xx.jpg (59294 bytes)
View from top of the Carew Bldg.


Embry BEV city-front.jpg (129617 bytes)        Embry BEV city-back.jpg (58743 bytes)
A rather interesting card put out by the Embry- Riddle Co.


BEV-Downtown-River.jpg (131064 bytes)
Nice early overall view


Above the Carew Tower.jpg (165664 bytes)            BEV-Hobart.jpg (211269 bytes)            Above the Carew Tower-1.jpg (134210 bytes)
Looking down on the Carew Tower



Carew Tower looking North old.jpg (138556 bytes)    Carew Tower looking east old.jpg (134828 bytes)    Top of Carew Tower.jpg (1151637 bytes)    Carew Tower looking South old.jpg (133032 bytes)    Carew Tower looking West old.jpg (140807 bytes)
Looking  North                     Looking  East                   Looking From Top                 Looking  South                    Looking  West 


Carew Tower looking North new-1.jpg (116724 bytes)        Carew Tower looking North new-2.jpg (137298 bytes)        Carew Tower looking North new-5 vert.jpg (110816 bytes)        Carew Tower looking North new-3.jpg (130104 bytes)        Carew Tower looking North new-4.jpg (144274 bytes)
Looking  North from Carew  Tower                              From Central Trust                         Looking North from Carew Tower      


Carew Tower looking east new-1.jpg (122445 bytes)                        Carew Tower looking east new-3 vert.jpg (122158 bytes)                        Carew Tower looking east new-2.jpg (138117 bytes)
Looking East from Carew Tower


Overhead view-2.jpg (125149 bytes)        Overhead view-1.jpg (122347 bytes)
Two  views of downtown from the Ohio River.


Not a postcard
1920's Aerial.jpg (2718830 bytes)
Late 1920s Aerial
no Carew Tower


Not a postcard
BEV-Cincinnati.jpg (3473586 bytes)
Much newer view





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