Beer Gardens


  If there was space in back or alongside, the saloon would have an outdoor garden shaded by vines or trees. They generally catered to the family trade. The establishments shown here were among the most popular.


Schmiesing's Garden-Gilbert & Blair Aves..jpg (149553 bytes)
Not a postcard


Schmiesing's Interior.jpg (103075 bytes)        Schmiesing's Garden 1.jpg (97669 bytes)        Band at Schmesing.jpg (207349 bytes)        Schmiesing's Garden 2.jpg (114321 bytes)
Schmiesing's Interior                Schmiesing's Garden                            Band                             Schmiesing's Garden

   Schmiesing's Garden was located at 1640 Blair Avenue near the corner of Gilbert in Walnut Hills. Open the year around it had bowling, billiards and pool. There was also a special concert season from May 15th to October 1st. It was established in 1888 by Fred Schmiesing Sr.



Metz's Wine House a.jpg (695102 bytes)    Metz's Garden 1.jpg (136534 bytes)    Metz's Garden 2.jpg (91012 bytes)    Metz's Garden, Side View, Lick Run.jpg (52246 bytes)Metz Gardens-front view.jpg (341708 bytes)
   Metz's Wine House                  Metz's Garden                       Metz's Garden                         Side View                             Front View          



C. Rosskopf Cafe, S.E. Cor. Churchill and Gilbert Ave..jpg (53580 bytes)*              Rosskopf's Garden 1.jpg (107748 bytes)
Rosskopf's Garden. Churchill and Gilbert Ave. Walnut Hills



Ast's Summer Garden.jpg (195443 bytes)
John Ast's Summer Garden
opposite the zoo at 3339 Vine.



*Meidles Garden.jpg (412817 bytes)        Meidel's Garden.jpg (359175 bytes)
2630  Vine St.
*Scott Kabakoff card                                                    



   Located on the corner of Highland & University Aves. since 1865, Mecklenburg's Garden was owned and operated by John Neeb as the Mt. Auburn Garden Restaurant and Billiard Saloon. Louis Mecklenburg who was the head waiter for Neeb bought the business in 1881 and, of course, changed the name to his. The Mecklenburg family (Lewis & his son Carl) ran the business for nearly 50 years. 
   In 1930 the Mecklenburgs turned the daily operations of the restaurant over to their head waiter, George Reifenberger. George and his daughter, Mary Derrick, were the proprietors until 1966. By the mid 1960s the trend to fine dining began to fade and the restaurant began to decline and the establishment was sold, in 1966, to the first non German owner Joseph Sansone. One year later a series of burglaries and fires placed the future of the building in jeopardy.
   In 1974 the restaurant was reborn. New owner Scott Handey and chef Rob Fogel  returned the establishment to its fine dining tradition and it earned a Mobil 4-star status. And in 1976 the historical 110 year old building was listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Unfortunately the re-birth was short lived and after several ownership changes and dining styles, mounting debt forced the restaurant to close its doors on New Year's Eve, 1982.
   It reopened briefly as a pizza restaurant but it was not until June 23, 1966 when new owners, The Harten Family, reestablished Mecklenburg Gardens as a symbol of Cincinnati's German Heritage. The place has been completely restored with a complete menu of German classics plus many American classics. It also serves one of the cities finest beer selections. On some of these postcards it says on the back, "One of the sights of Cincinnati. Take Highland Ave. or Vine-Burnet cars to the door." This place is still in operation today and is located at 302 E. University Ave. Corryville.

Mecklenburg cards are views from the early thirties up to the early sixties.

Mecklenberg's exterior 1.jpg (120815 bytes)             Mecklenberg's exterior 2.jpg (61202 bytes)            Mecklenberg's exterior 3.jpg (133444 bytes)            Mecklenburg's Garden.jpg (221422 bytes)
 Mecklenburg's Garden

   The 4th non-postcard image above is a present day look at Mecklenburg's.

  Mecklenberg's grill room 2.jpg (99444 bytes)             Mecklenberg's grill room.jpg (127969 bytes)            Mecklenberg's interior 1.jpg (97349 bytes)
                          Grill Room                                                                         Bar

Mecklenberg's interior 2.jpg (111196 bytes)             Mecklenberg's garden 1.jpg (104664 bytes)            Mecklenberg's garden 2.jpg (96988 bytes)
Bar                                                                        Exterior Garden                     

   Mecklenberg's garden 3.jpg (137619 bytes)
      Mecklenburg's. various views 




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