Automobiles 2


Auto-1a.jpg (84702 bytes)                              Finish of Auto Race.jpg (91781 bytes)
Coney Island poster in window                                      Finish of Auto Race          


                                                                                                                  Not a postcard
Hickory Carriage Co..jpg (298880 bytes)                Ohio Motor Car Co.jpg (138484 bytes)    Ohio Motor Car 1910.jpg (174976 bytes)    Ohio Motor Car Co 1909.jpg (409255 bytes)
   The Hickory Carriage Co.                    The Ohio Motor Car Co                     Ohio Motor Car Ads.                  
         s.w.c. Spring Grove Ave. & Rawson                                                                                                                                                   


Beck & Sons Auto Show.jpg (117282 bytes)          Geo E Fern Decorator.jpg (142162 bytes)
Auto Show, Feb. 1912               Decorator Geo H. Fern 
at the Music Hall                           1252 Elm Street  



Music Hall Auto Show (1).jpg (1308520 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (2).jpg (665785 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (3).jpg (682298 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (4).jpg (590322 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (5).jpg (488465 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (6).jpg (404934 bytes)

Music Hall Auto Show (7).jpg (647738 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (8).jpg (469514 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (9).jpg (727293 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (10).jpg (474761 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (11).jpg (548063 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (12).jpg (422939 bytes)

Music Hall Auto Show (13).jpg (504697 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (14).jpg (447599 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (15).jpg (440690 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (16).jpg (560656 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (17).jpg (480411 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (18).jpg (493388 bytes)

Music Hall Auto Show (19).jpg (610490 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (20).jpg (679687 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (21).jpg (569765 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (22).jpg (617207 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (23).jpg (446529 bytes)    Music Hall Auto Show (24).jpg (669591 bytes)

Music Hall Auto Show (25).jpg (688748 bytes)


Acorn Motor Car Co..JPG (122529 bytes)
The Acorn Motor Car Co.
Fifth, Eggleston Ave. & Lock St.


PC producers auto-Harrison.jpg (228076 bytes)                                Stageway Coaches.jpg (203112 bytes)

   The driver in this 1909 Harrison postcard was named Atherton. He was apparently a producer of postcards. The second card above is Stageway Coaches, a limousine service, that was located at 414 East Court Street, Cincinnati.


Stanley Hardware Co..jpg (125678 bytes)

   I believe the panel truck in the above postcard is made by the American Austin Co., or its predecessor the American Bantum which took over in 1935. I don't know the year of this image of the neat little vehicle belonging to the Stanley Hardware Co. at 4857 Glenway Avenue, but I am hoping someone "out there" can help me out.


America Cup Winners.jpg (136369 bytes)        America Cup Winners-back.jpg (68518 bytes)

   There was a automobile show that was held February 21-26, 1910. This card was put out by the J. H. Ratliff  Automobile Co. 30 Opera Place . It shows all the American winners of cups given out at that show.


Charles Naish, Norwood.jpg (211549 bytes)        Chas. Naish Inc., Norwood.jpg (185932 bytes)
Charles Naish Inc.

   Charles Naish sold used cars and furniture from this building located at the n. e. corner of Montgomery and Hudson in Norwood, Ohio. The second image shows this corner as it looks today.



Moore Oil Co. Rppc.jpg (360432 bytes)

Moore Oil.jpg (178847 bytes)    Moore Oil Co Roadster.jpg (356093 bytes)  Moore Oil Co Roadster-back.jpg (120202 bytes)    Moore Oil-Steamer Burning.jpg (274529 bytes)  Moore Oil-Steamer Burning-back.jpg (125733 bytes)

Moore Oil Co. 4.jpg (660955 bytes)  Moore Oil Co 4 back.jpg (218301 bytes)

Chas Moore Oil Co.jpg (64230 bytes)        Chas Moore Oil RP.jpg (58170 bytes)        Moore Oil-Sweetest Story.jpg (132718 bytes)        Moore Oil-Speejacks.jpg (77271 bytes)

   The Moore Oil Company was located on the  s.w. cor. of York & McLean Ave.


Duwel Auto Service.jpg (287509 bytes)
Duwel Auto Service
4314 Glenway Avenue


Tower Oil Company.jpg (247409 bytes)    Tower Oil Co..jpg (299230 bytes)
Tower Oil Company


Not a postcard
Moore Oil Co. Sta.-1916 (Ridgeway & Reading).jpg (143669 bytes)
Moore Oil Gas Station
Ridgeway & Reading Rd.


Coughlin inside.jpg (463136 bytes)  Coughlin outside.jpg (261794 bytes)              Coughlin & Davis-3.jpg (333219 bytes)        Coughlin & Davis Auto Supplies.jpg (81963 bytes)
Inside                                    Outside                                                                                                                   

   The images above and below are of the automobile parts store of Coughlin & Davis, around 1913, that was on Seventh & Walnut Sts. in Cincinnati. The first 2 images is a doublecard which, if you wanted their catalog,  had to be torn apart and the outside bottom portion was mailed back. The third image is a different image of the interior using a regular postcard. The last image above is of the exterior of the store. You can also see the Hanauer Auto Co. that was next door. The two card images below is, I believe, a 1946 card of the same company. The C & D Auto Supply, Inc name could be a coincidence but I don't think so. By 1946 the company had moved to 309 Findlay Street. The last card below is an advertising card.

C&D Auto Supply-1946.jpg (217542 bytes)    C&D Auto Supply-back.jpg (109615 bytes)            Coughlin&Davis-4.jpg (189499 bytes)
Front                                         Back                                                                


Sunoco Station.jpg (106955 bytes)            Esso Gas Station.jpg (112191 bytes)            Axle frame & wheel.jpg (271869 bytes)
    Sunoco Gas Station                          Esso Gas Station                     Axle Frame & Wheel  Co.
Hopple & Beekman Sts.                    7129 Hamilton Ave                        666 Glenwood Ave.     


Walker Gas Station.jpg (564120 bytes)    Walker Gas Station back.jpg (288936 bytes)
Walkers Service Station 2536 Reading Road


Paragon Gas Station. WH.jpg (246349 bytes)                        Sohngen & Bischoff General Tire.jpg (963859 bytes)*
      Paragon Gas Station                               Sohngen & Bischoff Tires  
Moorrman & Clayton Aves.                                1125-1131 Race St.        
         Walnut Hills                                     *Thanks to Scott Kabakoff


Fisher-Griffin Co..jpg (716113 bytes)                                    Tri-State Ignition.jpg (292291 bytes)    Tri-State Ignition back.jpg (136419 bytes)
The Fisher-Griffin Co.                                                      The Tri-State Ignition Inc.  8th and Broadway    
1130 Taft Road                                                                                                                                         


Auto Brake Service 320 Reading Road.jpg (62431 bytes)*
Auto Brake Service    
320 Reading Road      
*Thanks to Scott Kabakoff     


Miami Vulcanizing & Rubber Co..jpg (95371 bytes)                                Western Tire.jpg (347368 bytes)    Western Tire-back.jpg (118859 bytes)
Miami Vulcanizing & Rubber Co.                                Western Tire Co. of America  (805? Race St.)    
s.w.c. 8th and Broadway                                                     Later moved to 810 Race Street        


A couple of pieces of trivia:



Greyhound-1.jpg (138258 bytes)                Greyhound-2.jpg (95955 bytes)                Greyhound Station-er.jpg (258803 bytes)

   Located at the southwest corner of 5th and Sycamore this Greyhound Bus Terminal opened in June of 1942. During the war years 175 buses arrived and departed every day. There are many cards of this depot and almost all of them are a variety of the first card. The third card is very rare, this is the only one I have ever seen. The reason for this is pretty obvious, there is a major flaw in the image the width of the card. These cards were probably never intended to be placed on the market. This one slipped thru somehow, this is my guess anyway. Anybody else have one of these?
   There was also a Trailways Depot in Cincinnati, I know because that is how I arrived in the city in the early 60's. I have never seen a postcard of this depot.


Cincinnati Sightseeing Cars (Buses)

Sight-seeing brochure.jpg (350420 bytes)

   As can be seen on the front of the Auto Sight-Seeing Car itinerary above, these "buses" were sponsored by the organization of Cincinnati Advertisers. Starting at 5th & Vine it would show off several of the main hotels and businesses in Cincinnati before heading out to the suburbs via Eden Park.

Sightseeing Bus-3.jpg (101397 bytes)        Sightseeing bus.jpg (106103 bytes)        Sightseeing bus-Taft.jpg (71250 bytes)        Sight Seeing Tour-4.jpg (288340 bytes)
                                              In front of Taft Residence


Compton Mobile Park.jpg (832425 bytes)
Compton Hills Mobile Park
 Compton & Pippin Roads


Peacock Taxi.jpg (224779 bytes)                Peacock Taxi-back.jpg (49275 bytes)
Rare advertising postcard for David Peacock Taxi-Cabs. 1868 Hewitt Ave.


Gas station 1.jpg (67510 bytes)                    Gas Station 2.jpg (162159 bytes)
  This plain looking card opens to                   This showing a Norwood
                                                                                         Gas Station            


AC Motors Birthday.jpg (203176 bytes)
A. C. Motors  5756 Hamilton Ave.


Shell-monkeys.jpg (121589 bytes)   *   Shell-monkeys back.jpg (98194 bytes)
Frank-Lou's Shell Service- Norwood
5225 Montgomery & Fenwick Ave.
*Thanks to Scott Kabakoff



Auto Brake monkey.jpg (100573 bytes)            Auto Brake monkey-back.jpg (89792 bytes)
                                       320 Reading Road



Calendar-Dependable Motors.jpg (256147 bytes)        Calendar-Dependable Motors-back.jpg (130782 bytes)
                                    1401 Reading Road


Auto Country Club.jpg (87109 bytes)

   I am not familiar with this Automobile Country Club that was located on Colerain Avenue.