In 1881 at what is today 318-326 W. 4th St., the Emery brothers constructed the very first apartment house in Cincinnati, the Lombardy Apartments. Before this building Cincinnati's multifamily buildings never contained kitchens or separate bathrooms and were called "flats" because all rooms were level on one floor. These apartments had both kitchens and bathrooms in each apartment and on different  floors. Not only is this the oldest apartment building in Cincinnati, it is also older than any in New York City. In 1883 bachelor, and future president, William Howard Taft became a resident in Flat #25 and stayed until 1886. The building was renovated in 1995. It is a National Historic Place.

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Lombardy Apartments.jpg (1238410 bytes)
The Lombardy Apartments


The Saxony Ninth & Race Sts..jpg (146716 bytes)                Saxony_Apartment_Building.jpg (133801 bytes)
1890s      Saxony Apartments      Today
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   The Saxony Apartments were constructed in 1891 and was designed by Samuel Hannaford. This building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in March of 1980. Located on the Southwest corner of Ninth and Race when the block of Ninth Street between Vine & Race was added to the Register as the Ninth Street Historic District the Saxony Apartments were named as part of the district.


Alexandria Apt-Walnut Hills.jpg (81284 bytes)    The Alexandria Apts..jpg (184526 bytes)    Alexandra Apartments 2 Taken in 2008.jpg (709147 bytes)
Alexandria  Apts.  921 E. William H. Taft Road

   The Alexandria Apartments were built in 1904 at the corner of Gilbert Ave. and Locust St. in Walnut Hills. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 17, 1997. The last two images above are photographs.


Apartment-Alameda- Avondale.jpg (99674 bytes)    Alameda Apartments a.jpg (240261 bytes)
Alameda  Apts.

   Located at 3580-3586 Reading Road in Avondale, the Alameda Apts. were constructed in 1905. It now contains 18 three-bedroom apartments and it has been nominated to be added to the National Register of Historic Places (March 2014). The 2nd image above is a present day photograph.


Arcadia Apartments.jpg (163039 bytes)                                Belvedere Apartments.jpg (108321 bytes)    Belvedere Apts. 3900 Rose Hill Ave..jpg (245098 bytes)
Arcadia Apts.                                                       Belvedere  Apts. 3900 Rose Hill Ave.         

  The Belvedere was one of the first luxury apartment buildings in Cincinnati. The high rise was constructed in North Avondale in 1925 at 3900 Rose Hill Ave. There were originally 82 apartments with up to 6 rooms, including separate servantsí quarters. Most residents had maids and drivers. The Belvedere apartments were converted into condominiums in the 1980s. The last image above is a recent photograph of the Belvedere Apts.


Betz Apt-Hyde Park.jpg (103022 bytes)                Crescent Apartment-Avondale.jpg (122899 bytes)        Crescent Apartments.jpg (190811 bytes)
            Betz  Apts.                                Crescent  Apts.  Reading Road & South Crescent Ave.

   The Crescent Apartments, located at 3719 Reading Road was completed in 1911 and contains 37 apartments. It has been nominated for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places (March 2014). The 3rd non-postcard image above shows the apartment building as it looks today.


Apt-Haddon Hall-Avondale.jpg (95433 bytes)                Haddon House-Auto.jpg (1246739 bytes)    Haddon Hall-2415 Reading.jpg (178189 bytes)    Haddon Hall 3418 Reading.jpg (337202 bytes)
Haddon Hall  Apts.                                                                    These are not postcards                                     

   Haddon  Hall was built in 1910 at 3418 Reading Road and was built by Thomas Emery's Sons as a high-end apartment complex. Emery's was the first company in Cincinnati engaged in the construction of apartment buildings. It was converted into affordable senior housing in 1982. In 2013-14 $12.4 million was spent to completely rehab the structure into 107 one-bedroom apartments and seven efficiency units for seniors. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 22, 1982.


Park Apartment.jpg (98598 bytes)        Park Apts..jpg (140048 bytes)        Park Apartments 2378-84 Park Ave..jpg (281365 bytes)
Park  Apts. 2378-2384 Park Avenue

   Park Flats was constructed in 1904 and was added to the National Register of Historical Places on September 8, 1983. The 2nd & 3rd images above are photographs.


Robinson Apt-Price Hill-1.jpg (111829 bytes)    Robinson Apt-Price Hill-1-aka Elberon.jpg (99129 bytes)    Elberon Apartments-Elberon & W.8th Sts..jpg (177958 bytes)    Elberon Apts.jpg (125310 bytes)
    Same building-same card-different names Elberon & W. 8th Sts.                                                    
 Robinson Apts.                     Elberon  Apts.                                 These are not postcards                


Apt-Roslyn-Clifton.jpg (114624 bytes)                Apt-South Warwick-Avondale.jpg (110084 bytes)                North Warwick Apartment Building, Avondale.jpg (208276 bytes)
    Roslyn  Apts.                                South Warwick Apts.                       North Warwick Apts.


*San Marco Apts.jpg (109106 bytes)         San Marco Apts..jpg (251409 bytes)        San Marcos Apts. Madison & Woodburn.jpg (160043 bytes)

   San Marco Apartments corner Woodburn & Madison Ave. The 3rd image shows the building as it looks today.


St. Leger Apts..jpg (256430 bytes)        St. Leger Apts. Woodburn & St. Leger.jpg (224633 bytes)
St. Leger Apts. Woodburn & St. Leger

   The St. Leger Apartments still exist (see 2nd non-postcard image).


The Victoria 1500 Sherman Way.jpg (476584 bytes)        Victoria Apts..jpg (255933 bytes)
The Victoria  Corner of Victory Pkwy. & Reading Road

   The 2nd image above is an overhead view of The Victoria today.


Verona Apt-Walnut Hills-1.jpg (85005 bytes)        Verona Apt-Walnut Hills-2.jpg (116864 bytes)            The Verona Apts..jpg (258971 bytes)
Verona  Apartments built in 1900  Walnut Hills                                   Now       


Virginia Apts..jpg (422741 bytes)      Virginia Apts back.jpg (216764 bytes)      Virginia 2.jpg (266741 bytes)      Virginia Apartments 624 Rockdale.jpg (231871 bytes)
The Virginia Apartments  624 Rockdale

   The last two images above are recent photographs of the Virginia.


Fontbonne Residence for girls 425 E. 5th Street

Fontbonne Cafeteria.jpg (239060 bytes)        Fontbonne Residence for girls-425 e 5th st.jpg (135571 bytes)        Fontbonne Residence-Lobby.jpg (73233 bytes)        Fontbonne Chapel.jpg (70654 bytes)
Cafeteria                                Kitchen                                       Lobby                                       Chapel    

Fontbonne Suite.jpg (97592 bytes)        Fontbonne Bed Room.jpg (212529 bytes)
Suite                                           Bedroom


Park Lane Apts.jpg (364521 bytes)        Manor House-3855 Ledgewood Dr..jpg (284512 bytes)        The Edgecliff-2200 Victory Pky..jpg (400255 bytes)        The Hammond North-5300 Hamilton Ave..jpg (339205 bytes)
   Park Lane Apts.                        Manor House                              The Edgecliff                    The Hammond North
  4201 Victory Pkwy.                3855  Ledgewood Dr.                    2200 Victory Pkwy.                5300 Hamilton Ave.  


River Terrace-2401 Ingleside Ave..jpg (349656 bytes)        River Terrace.jpg (279002 bytes)    River Terrace back.jpg (71419 bytes)
River Terrace   2401 Ingleside Ave. 

   The two images on the right above is a sketch by Caroline Williams showing the River Terrace and a log cabin that is near the apartment building.


Woodmere Apartments.jpg (322849 bytes)          *Lakeshore Drive Apts..jpg (307008 bytes)            Mont Michel Apartments.jpg (248817 bytes)
            Woodmere                            Lakeshore Drive Apts.                           Mont Michel        
Roundtop Rd. & Colerain                     1 Lakeshore Drive                           688 Riddle Road      
 Scott Kabakoff card



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