Alms Hotel


  The Alms Hotel located on the northwest corner of Victory Parkway and E. McMillan St. was opened in 1891. Frederick Alms built the hotel across the street from his home. You can partially see his house on the right side of the first two cards below. The original structure can be seen in the first eight cards.

Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-1.jpg (122822 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-6.jpg (105257 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-4.jpg (113848 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-5.jpg (142489 bytes)


Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-2.jpg (122425 bytes)        Alms-z4.jpg (149490 bytes)        Alms-z3.jpg (261454 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-3.jpg (126746 bytes)

   The larger more modern buildings seen in the remainder of these cards were built in 1925. Frederick Alms along with William Doepke started the Alms & Doepke department store which can be seen on the canal page. For many years WKRC radio broadcast from studios located in this building, the towers can be seen on top of these cards.

Alms-z7.jpg (119438 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-7.jpg (159327 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-8.jpg (104678 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-10.jpg (128345 bytes)


Alms-z5.jpg (119745 bytes)        Alms-z6.jpg (74070 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-9.jpg (126269 bytes)

   The 5 photographs below is a small sample of the WKRC studios during their stay in the Alms Hotel. In 1941 the Quiz Bowl program was voted the nation's outstanding studio sports program which was presented by The Sporting News. This was a quiz program. The size of the audience was too large for any normal radio studio and so it was held in the Alms Hotel's Club Village.

Alms WKRC Lobby.jpg (746663 bytes)    Alms WKRC Ruth Lyons.jpg (1279989 bytes)    Alms WKRC Quiz Bowl.jpg (752113 bytes)    Alms WKRC Operations Room.jpg (400756 bytes)    Alms WKRC Control Room.jpg (324849 bytes)
    WKRC  Lobby                   Ruth Lyons                Quiz Bowl Broadcast                Operations Room                    Control Room    


Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-11.jpg (139512 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-12.jpg (134838 bytes)        Alms-z1.jpg (139047 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-13.jpg (154275 bytes)


Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-14.jpg (119279 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-15.jpg (118426 bytes)        Hotel Alms-Walnut Hills-16.jpg (119546 bytes)        Alms-z2.jpg (115536 bytes)




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