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Thomas  Holliday & Co. Hardware-1873.jpg (800865 bytes)

   In 1873, when the photograph above was taken, cameras were not able to photograph the interiors of businesses like the store above until electric lights came into existence. Instead they had to move their products outside and in their windows to be photographed properly. This is what you see in the Thomas Holliday & Co. Hardware business above. Located on the n.e.corner of 5th and Central, they also made hobby horses and children's carriages.



        Stewart PC shop opening.jpg (98623 bytes)        PC Shop.jpg (79053 bytes)        Stewart shop-cov.jpg (84577 bytes)    JK Stewart Covington Open.jpg (576445 bytes)        Stewart newport.jpg (188956 bytes)
                 14 Arcade (1905)              17 Arcade (1907)                        Covington shop                          Newport shop
                        Opening of James K. Stewarts Postcard Shops


Arcade-JK Stewart.jpg (113274 bytes)      Arcade Stewart.jpg (337885 bytes)      Stewart Postcard Shop 1910.jpg (2415701 bytes)                Arcade 1905.jpg (1441877 bytes)
                  Stewart published  Arcade cards                     This is an actual photo of the              1905 Photo of the Arcade
                                          interior of Stewart's Arcade shop
                                       Very large


Pugh Building.jpg (132294 bytes)        Tom Jones-Pugh Bldg.jpg (101787 bytes)                Pugh Bldg Tenants.jpg (330430 bytes)            Pugh Building.jpg (252662 bytes)
Compare this card with the            Postcard publisher                          Pugh Building                   Present Day Photograph     
 next one. Somebody moved.        Tom Jones was here                              Tenants                                                                          


Feicke-Desch Co.jpg (64562 bytes)
The Feicke-Desch printing Co. 
sec 5th & Sycamore. 4th Floor
Postcard producer



Henderson Litho 1.JPG (657595 bytes)    Henderson Litho 2.jpg (55230 bytes)Henderson Litho 3.jpg (244212 bytes)

Henderson Litho 4.jpg (97276 bytes)                  Henderson Litho 418-422 Sycamore.jpg (288774 bytes)    Henderson Lithographing Co.. Norwood.jpg (211902 bytes)                Henderson Litho.jpg (117254 bytes)

   The first three images above show a very rare postcard sent out by the Henderson Lithography Co. located in Norwood. The green tab you see over the top of the figure's ear, in the 1st image top row, was inserted into a slot located next to the ear, this is what held the card closed during mailing. When you open the card up, what you see is the 2nd image. This makes the card too large for my scanner so it is divided into 2 parts. The 1st image in the 2nd row is the back of the card. The 2nd image shows their first factory that was located at 418-422 Sycamore plus this illustration also shows the president, W. G. Henderson. After they moved sometime in 1909 .the 3rd image shows the new factory that was located at 3509 Wilson Ave, Norwood. The last image above is a separate postcard.


John Swift Company.jpg (204164 bytes)
John S. Swift Co.

   I believe the Swift Co. was into print and print related services. Their local facilities were at 2524 Spring Grove Ave.


Osborn Co..jpg (545296 bytes)    Osborn Co. back.jpg (201845 bytes)
The Osborne Co.  Norwood Park
Calendar Maker


Gilbert & Lincoln-WH.jpg (610859 bytes)    Gilbert & Lincoln-WH-back.jpg (180348 bytes)

   The card above shows a building on the corner of Gilbert & Lincoln Ave. Why one of the windows is covered over, I do not know. If I was to guess I would say that the advertiser, Ford's Souvenir Post Card Shop, saw something in the window they did not like. Possibly a competitor?


The Samuel Tatum Co.jpg (184386 bytes)
Samuel C. Tatum Co
3301-3321 Colerain Ave.


Clar-o-type.jpg (685712 bytes)    Clar-o-type back.jpg (218308 bytes)
   W. B. Carpenter Co.  424 Main St.


AABA Health Inst.jpg (90677 bytes)                Ace Radiator Shield Co.jpg (133213 bytes)                High Diver.jpg (72457 bytes)
AABA Health Institute                     Ace Radiator Shield Co.                                  High Diver          
Physiopathy Specialists                              Westwood                                                                            


Corn Cob Pipe Co.jpg (98295 bytes)            Ice Delivery Co.jpg (82709 bytes)            Queen City Printing Ink Co.jpg (65552 bytes)    E.Murdock-Queen City Printing.jpg (230812 bytes)
        Corn Cob Pipe Co.          The Ice Delivery Co.              Queen City Printing Ink Co.                 
                                                                                           1913 - 1935 South Street      


High Brown Bobby Burns.jpg (75774 bytes)          Dancing on Union Central Bldg..jpg (338378 bytes)        Aerial Sensations.jpg (423427 bytes)    Aerial Sensations back.jpg (162451 bytes)
 "High Brown"                Fox Trotting                       Aerial Sensations Gracie Orton        
Bobby Burns              495' In The Air                                                                                 
Minstrel entertainer                                                                                                                         



Busse undertakers.jpg (137006 bytes)      Busese & Borgmann Undertakers.jpg (121742 bytes)      Busse & Borgmann Interior Garage.jpg (335988 bytes)      Busse Chapel.jpg (127810 bytes)
Busse and Borgmann


Houston Funeral Home.jpg (111054 bytes)                            Morticians.jpg (122746 bytes)
     Houston & Son                                           Jamison and Jamison Jr.
          Funeral Home                                                 Cincinnati's leading      
                                                                           Colored (sic)  Morticians 


Mt Healthy Ambulance.jpg (212598 bytes)            Neidhard Gillen Funerl Home.jpg (175808 bytes)
Neidhard Ambulance                                                          

   The Neidhard  Funeral  Home is now known as the Neidhard Gillen Funeral Home and is still located at the same address, 7401  Hamilton Ave. Mount  Healthy as seen in the 2nd present day image above.


Renfro Funeral Service-h2.jpg (95129 bytes)    Renfro Funeral Service-h1.jpg (93492 bytes)                                Meyer Funeral Home.jpg (313281 bytes)    Meyer Funeral Home-back.jpg (129010 bytes)
Renfro Funeral Service                                                                      The Charles E. Meyer Funeral Home.

   The Charles E. Meyer Funeral Home before WWI was located at 1804 Vine Street. By the time the above card was made in 1941 the home had moved to 5578 Montgomery Road in Pleasant Ridge. As it states on the back of the card, they had moved once again to 4826 Section Avenue.


H. Ihlendorf Co., Main & Monroe, Norwood.jpg (109436 bytes)
Norwood Ambulance Service
H. Ihlendorf Co. Main & Monroe


Craver Funeral Home Milford.jpg (458968 bytes)    Craver Funeral Home Today.jpg (237689 bytes)
Craver Funeral Home, Milford

   Located at 529 Main St. in Milford the Craver Funeral Home was started in 1913 by Charles Johnson. In 1928 John Carver became his assistant and would purchase the business in 1936. In 1966 his son-in-law bought the home and ran it until 1994 when it was again sold to the Riggs family. In that year John Carver rejoined the firm as a board member until his death in 1999. To honor him his name has been retained by the firm.


Queen Optical 1.jpg (120548 bytes)    Queen Optical 2.jpg (122320 bytes)    Queen City Optical 3.jpg (354020 bytes)    Queen City-back.jpg (139474 bytes)
  Queen Optical Company at 12 East 6th St.   


Pittsburg Water Heater sales.jpg (119546 bytes)        ROW Windows.jpg (76169 bytes)        Tri-State Butter Co.jpg (88016 bytes)        Kar-A-Van.jpg (127957 bytes)
  Scott Water Heater Sales     R.O.W.  Wooden Windows      Tri-State Butter Company              Kar-A-Van Coffee.       
7th and Main                              Millwork Van                                                                                                           


EA Kinsey Co-(waterworks).jpg (120019 bytes)        E.A. Kinsey Co. A Financial Problem.jpg (178965 bytes)            Barton's Gallery.jpg (86767 bytes)            Rosenbergers.jpg (120912 bytes)
The E. A. Kinsey Co.   331-333-335 W. 4th St.              Barton's Painting Gallery            Rosenberger's Wall Paper
                                                                                             128 West 4th Street.                     1720-26 Vine Street.


Burck-Bauer.jpg (139508 bytes)        Burck-Bauer Rev.jpg (78354 bytes)                French Bros..jpg (171472 bytes)    French Bros. Dairy.jpg (93981 bytes)
    Burck-Bauer Inc. A radio store at 11th W. 7th Street.                                             French Bros. Dairy Co.                    
                       (Larger than normal card)                                                                                                                                   

   Julius H. Bauer grandfather of Fred Bauer, the well known Kraemer postcard collector, was the Bauer in the Burck-Bauer card above. His grandfather was also vice-president of the famous French-Bauer milk & ice cream company, (French Bros.- Bauer Co.) which had 20 stores by 1915. The store seen most often in postcards was across the street from the Post Office on Government Square to the left of the Peebles store. The last image is not a postcard.


Tiffanytone photos.jpg (97968 bytes)        Tiffanytone-2.jpg (103256 bytes)        Tiffanytone-3.jpg (109305 bytes)        Tiffanytone-back.jpg (74589 bytes)
                 Young and Carl Photographers makers of Tiffanytone photos.                                 Back of last two cards