Advertising 2


Syracuse Paper-1.jpg (104791 bytes)        Syracuse Paper-2.jpg (94875 bytes)        Syracuse Paper-3.jpg (113607 bytes)
The Syracuse Paper Company


Kruse Hardware-2.jpg (85089 bytes)        Kruse Salesman card -back.jpg (168288 bytes)        Kruse Salesman Card.jpg (274112 bytes)                Kruse & Bahlmann Hardware.jpg (87373 bytes)
                                                Back of next card                                                                          Kruse & Bahlmann Hardware
                                 The Kruse Hardware Co.  21 to 29 East Pearle St.                                                408 to 422 Pioneer St. and
                                                                                                                                                                     409 to 439 East 6th Street

   The two center cards above shows what a salesman card looks like. The salesman would send these cards to his customers telling them when he would be visiting them. In this way his customers could get their orders ready. I have a half dozen of these cards from Kruse Hardware Co. They are on different cards of Cincinnati but the backs are all the same so I am only showing one of them.


National Hardware Co-RP.jpg (81048 bytes)                                COLLEGEHILLHARDWAREFRONT.jpg (397135 bytes) * COLLEGEHILLHARDWAREBACK.jpg (255904 bytes)
The National Hardware Co.                          College Hill Hardware  5922 Hamilton Avenue        
 327 West Fourth                                                      *Thanks Scott Kabakoff                  


Loveland Brock Hardware Co..jpg (349201 bytes)    Loveland Brock Hdw. back.jpg (149891 bytes)
The Brock Hardware Co., Loveland

   The sewing machine above was apparently called "The Free".


Fischer.jpg (560563 bytes)    Fischer Back 2.jpg (157077 bytes)    Fischer back 1.jpg (50167 bytes)
                                            Back of Bottom Card            Back of Top Card

   Located in Walnut Hills at the corner of Morgan and Dover Sts. made turned brass hardware such as machine screw nuts, and many other types of nuts.


Fred W Hinz & Son.jpg (116284 bytes)        Fred Hinz & Sons.jpg (351765 bytes)        Hinz & Son-3.jpg (217774 bytes)        Fred Hinz Ad.jpg (394445 bytes)

   Four salesman cards for the Fred W. Hinz & Son Co., dealers in coffees, teas, and spices. They were located at 221 Race St.


E. R. Webster Building (1).jpg (330070 bytes)    E. R. Webster Building (2).jpg (182797 bytes)
The E. R. Webster Co.

   The E. R. Webster Co. was located at 201 Vine St.. They were producers of the Rookwood Teas and Coffees brand.



Cigar Makers Union-Fountain.jpg (435208 bytes)
Cigar Makers Union #4


F. H. Berning & Sons. 331 Main St.

Benning Cigars vert.jpg (119631 bytes)        FH Berning & Sons Cigars.jpg (112394 bytes)        Benning & Sons-Cigars.jpg (62421 bytes)        Berning Cigars-4c.jpg (94150 bytes)
     Entrance                               Office                                Shipping Dept.                    Cigar Making Dept. #1


Berning-Cigar Making.jpg (332430 bytes)        Berning-Drying Dept.jpg (339961 bytes)        Berning & Sons Cigar.jpg (330975 bytes)        Berning Basement Storeroom.jpg (223586 bytes)
Cigar Making Dept. #2                      Drying Dept.                              Packing Dept.                    Basement Warerooms


Havana Cigars.jpg (76773 bytes)    Richard Fritz-Cigars.jpg (287212 bytes)
Fritz Bros. Company
Havana Cigar maker 

   The Fritz Brothers Company was located at the n.w. corner of 9th and Broadway.


Cigar ad on traction card.jpg (94709 bytes)    Krohn Cigars-Fountain.jpg (203807 bytes)        Charles Krohn outside.jpg (367779 bytes)    Charles N. Krohn inside.jpg (469215 bytes)
Chas. N. Krone & Co.   530  Walnut 

    The last two images above show the outside and inside of a double card issued by the Krone Co.


Krohn Bros. Cigars.jpg (455750 bytes)        Krohn Bros. 1.jpg (224110 bytes)      Krohn Bros. back.jpg (129877 bytes)

   The very rare card above is for the Krohn Bros. at 414 Walnut St. You pulled on the red ribbon in the first image and the paper seen in the 2nd image would come out.


I.M.Freiberg 1.jpg (519055 bytes)        I.M.Freiberg 2.jpg (452210 bytes)        I.M.Freiberg 3.jpg (364357 bytes)        I.M. Freiberg Cigars.jpg (257519 bytes)        I.M. Freiberg back.jpg (188626 bytes)

  The equally rare card above is for the I. M. Freiberg stores located at 4th & Main and 3498 Reading Rd. The way the card was held closed during mailing was by lifting up the two fingers seen in the 2nd image and sliding the top part under them thus you would see the two fingers resting in the palm of the first image. I did not want to actually do this in fear of damaging the card. After opening the card up you can see the outline of the two fingers in the 4th image. When opened all the way the card is too large to scan so it is scanned in two parts.


Valley Cigar Store.jpg (71626 bytes)    Valley Cigar Store.jpg (54381 bytes)    Valley Cigar Chip.jpg (31642 bytes)    Valley Cigar Ike Hyams.jpg (125680 bytes)    Valley Cigar Matchbook.jpg (112272 bytes)
               Valley Cigar Store.  6117 Vine St.                           Poker Chip               Ike Hyams          Matchbook

   The Valley Cigar Store was owned by Ike Hyams who was known as the "King of the Bookies" in Cincinnati during the 1940s and 50s. He also owned the Maple Club and the Linden Bar. This cigar store was known to have had a backroom where bets were taken and, as the poker chip above shows, bookmaking was not the only thing going on in that backroom. The bookmakers were run out of town in the mid 60's.


Victor tobacco co..jpg (278108 bytes)    Victor Tobacco Co-back.jpg (163306 bytes)            Victor Tobacco Co..jpg (352151 bytes)    Victor Tobacco Co. back.jpg (171510 bytes)
Victor Tobacco Co. (No information).


Wyandot Cigar Co..jpg (114977 bytes)
Advertising PC for 
Wyandot Cigar Co.
35 W. Pearl St.


Smoke Rothkopf Brands.jpg (458317 bytes)
Chas. W. Rothkopf
201 E. Pearl


Cuban Cigar Co..jpg (426149 bytes)
Cuban Cigar Co.

   The Cuban Cigar Company was located in the Ohio Building located at 111 E. 6th Street. The owner was J. Adam Schmidt and they were the manufacturers of Laughery Club Cigars.


United Cigar Stores.jpg (138010 bytes)

   This is not a advertising card but I decided to put it here because it shows a United Cigar Store. There were several United stores in the Cincinnati area. NWC of 5th & Walnut, SWC of 5th & Vine, and at 615 1/2 Vine St. (Sinton Hotel). The photographer had trouble centering this image showing a man stopping the McMicken Main St. streetcar. It also shows a policeman giving, what looks to be, directions and another man apparently staring at the photographer. 


Barber Shop.jpg (145973 bytes)              Barbershop-2.jpg (90806 bytes)
No Tip Sanitary Barber Shop.         Holland Plaza Barber Shop 
 9th floor Union Central Bldg.         7610 Reading Rd. Roselawn  


Urichos Barber Shop-Carew Bldg.jpg (145404 bytes)     Uricho's Barber Shop.jpg (315418 bytes)         Carew Barbers.jpg (221595 bytes)
  Uricho's Barber Shop    Carew Building                             Not a postcard

   The 2nd Uricho card has been trimmed. The above ad from 1903 is for a Carew barber shop. I do not believe it is connected with Uricho's shop. The words are slightly blurry but I believe you can make them out. A third barber shop, seen in the card below,  was located in the arcade. The card was mailed in 1918.

Arcade Barber Shop.jpg (290862 bytes)
Arcade Barber Shop


Henri's New Salon.jpg (346925 bytes)                                ByByan Cosmetique.jpg (259579 bytes)
      Henri's Beauty Salon                           ByByan Cosmetique Studio
5th & Race Sts.                                             525 Walnut     


Dental Office.jpg (286253 bytes)    Dental Office back.jpg (215010 bytes)                        The Crocker-Fels Co..jpg (174244 bytes)    The Crocker-Fels Co.-back.jpg (89504 bytes)
        The Cincinnati Dentists Concern                                                  Crocker-Fels Co. now located at 1900 Section Rd.
Open all day and all night!                                                                                                                              


Artificial Limb Co..jpg (360806 bytes)    Artificial Limb Co. back.jpg (312852 bytes)
Artificial Limb Co. N. W. Corner 5th & Central Ave.






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