Suburban Streets 2



Hyde Park Business Center.jpg (98818 bytes)
Business center



Kings Mills  Cherrie St..jpg (155104 bytes)        Kings Mills Cherry St..jpg (261596 bytes)

   On the first postcard image above this street is called Cherrie St. In the 2nd non-postcard over-head image the street is called Cherry St. Either the photographer who took the picture was French or the street name was changed.



Dunn St Lockland.jpg (106346 bytes)        Loveland-Dunn St.-wb.jpg (194676 bytes)        Lockland-Dunn St.jpg (272721 bytes)      *Dunn Street, Lockland.jpg (492073 bytes)
Dunn St.

                                            Present Day Photo.
Loveland-Dunn & Mills Sts.jpg (275613 bytes)    Dunn & Mill Sts., Lockland.jpg (169731 bytes)|
Corner Dunn & Mill Sts.

                                                                                               Present Day Photo
Smith Bldg-Lockland.jpg (107798 bytes)    Mill St., Lockland.jpg (103750 bytes)    Lockland Smith Building.jpg (180025 bytes)
Smith Building & K. P. Hall   Mill Street    

                                             Present Day Photo                                                               Present Day Photo
William St.Lockland.jpg (189677 bytes)    Lockland Williams  & Lock Sts..jpg (161018 bytes)    Williams St.,Lockland.jpg (104107 bytes)    Lockland Williams & Lock Reverse.jpg (188743 bytes)
Lock & Williams Street

   The large building you see in the distance in the first two images above is the Stearns & Foster factory.

Lockland Street Scene.jpg (149616 bytes)*        Lockland-Lock St. rp.jpg (287138 bytes)            Williams St. Lockland.jpg (762951 bytes)
Street Scene in 1901                            Lock Street                                    Williams St.        



Jackson Street looking west

Broadway-Loveland.jpg (98064 bytes)    Jackson St-Loveland-1.jpg (89247 bytes)    Jackson StreetTelephone poles.jpg (145166 bytes)    Loveland-Jackson St. ver2.jpg (300256 bytes)    Loveland-Jackson St.jpg (79644 bytes)
   Telephone Poles                                                                No Telephone Poles

   The 3rd present day image shows the area in the cards on both sides.


Loveland,Jackson St-west.jpg (96455 bytes)        Loveland Jackson St. PCs.jpg (177853 bytes)        Loveland Jackson Street.jpg (182802 bytes)        Loveland Jackson St. 2.jpg (153076 bytes)

   The last two present day photographs show the buildings seen in the two postcards on the left as well as some of the others.


Jackson St-Loveland-2.jpg (104407 bytes)    Jackson St-Loveland.jpg (96122 bytes)    Jackson St-Loveland-3.jpg (111019 bytes)    Loveland Jackson street.jpg (85124 bytes)    Jackson St,Loveland 1.jpg (171281 bytes)


Loveland Jackson Street.jpg (203326 bytes)        Loveland-Jackson rp.jpg (250687 bytes)                Loveland Jackson & Taylor Sts-a.jpg (155656 bytes)
                    Jackson St. looking east                                                Jackson and Taylor Sts.  


   Loveland Opera House.jpg (91329 bytes)      Riverside Ave-Loveland.jpg (107666 bytes)      Loveland-RPPC Riverside Ave.jpg (203686 bytes)      Riverside Ave-Loveland.jpg (108918 bytes)
Opera House / Bandstand                                                              Riverside Avenue                                                      


Loveland East Broadway.jpg (197831 bytes)    Loveland-East Broadway.jpg (308498 bytes)    Loveland-Broadway looking West.jpg (237348 bytes)  *Loveland, Broadway RPPC.jpg (566807 bytes)    Broadway, Loveland.jpg (151449 bytes)
                  East Broadway                                     Broadway Looking West                         Broadway  at Scenic Bike Trail       

   Thanks to Kevin Lawson for the last present day photograph of the 4th postcard.


Loveland-Main Avenue.jpg (241393 bytes)      West Loveland.jpg (198959 bytes)        Loveland, Kemper Road.jpg (304750 bytes)
     Main Avenue                        West Loveland                       East Kemper Road



Madisonville main & central.jpg (103129 bytes)        Central Ave-Madisonville.jpg (81830 bytes)      *Madisonville-Central Ave..jpg (99359 bytes)        Madisonville Madison & Central.jpg (266261 bytes)
  Central Ave. & Main St.            Central Avenue                 Looking North on Central      Madison Rd. E. of Central
                                                                                                                              B. & O. Railroad Bridge                                                                        

   The 1st card above showing Central Ave. (Whetsel Ave.) & Main (Madison Rd.) is looking west along Madison Rd. 


Madisonville-Kemper Street.jpg (456940 bytes)
Kemper Street



Mariemont-Maple Street.jpg (77459 bytes)
Maple  Street



Milford Reproduction.jpg (109358 bytes)                                                Main St., Milford, Ohio..jpg (52830 bytes)*
Modern Reproduction                                                                             Main Street          
of 1910 card                                                                                                             

   The building on the left side of the 2nd card above was built by the Milford Masonic Lodge in 1846 and was used by them until 1848. It was used As the home to the Milford National Bank, the Citizens National Bank, Stumph's Pharmacy, Johnson Pharmacy, Gatch Insurance Agency, the Korner Barber Shop. It was known as the J. B. Iuen Building from 1888 until 1915. The Milford Seminary was on the 2nd floor with Iuen's store on the 1st floor.

Main St-Milford.jpg (89570 bytes)        Milford Business Center.jpg (119903 bytes)        Main Business District Milford.jpg (224012 bytes)        Milford Main Street 4.jpg (274356 bytes)
Looking West down Main                                                                        Main Street             

   The 2nd card above shows the Johnston drugstore and Krogers on the left and The savings and loan and hardware store on the right. The 3rd RPPC shows a much earlier view of the middle card.


2 version of same image                                                            
Milford-Water St.jpg (113592 bytes)          Water St. Milford-2.jpg (284103 bytes)          Milford-Water Street.jpg (109814 bytes)
Water Street 


Garfield Ave. Milford.jpg (248210 bytes)
Garfield Ave.



Mt Healthy St..jpg (197190 bytes)    1st & Main-Mt Healthy.jpg (92825 bytes)  *Main St., North from Second St., Mt. Healthy.jpg (47043 bytes)   Mt. Healthy Main Street.jpg (114948 bytes)    Main St., Mt. Healthy, looking south in 1886..jpg (58072 bytes)*
                          North From 1st                                         North From 2nd                           Real Photo                    Looking S. in 1886
All four cards Main Street


Mt. Healthy 1916 S. Main.jpg (204591 bytes)*          Mt Healthy 2nd St, East of Main.jpg (264109 bytes)            Mt Healthy Business Corner.jpg (236121 bytes)
  South Main in Winter                     2nd St. East of Main               Prominent Business Corner
                                                    Both cards are of the same corner

There is a set of Mt. Healthy postcards that are produced by Arcadia Publishing. To view them:
Use your back-arrow to return



Montgomery-North on State St.jpg (169608 bytes)        Montgomery-West on Cooper.jpg (167535 bytes)
  North on State St.                  West on Cooper Ave.



Hamilton & Chase-Northside.jpg (104117 bytes)    Northside Hamilton & Chase.jpg (152457 bytes)    Knowltons Corner.jpg (90088 bytes)    Knowltons Corner North Side.jpg (243581 bytes)    Northside-Hamilton & Spring Grove.jpg (85167 bytes)
         Hamilton & Chase                                     Knowlton's Corner                                  Hamilton & Spring Grove

   The first card above shows the Domhoff Buildings at 4203-4210 Hamilton Ave. and 1604-1614 Chase Ave. that were built in 1893. The complex includes 17 apartments and 5 retail spaces. They were added to the National Historic Register in 1980. The nest non-postcard image shows what the building looks like today. The nest two cards above show the Kroger Grocery store and the open air markets behind it. To the right is the Fisk Monument Co. and the office of Judge William Howard Taft, dean of the University of Cincinnati College of Law. The center building was known as the Knowlton Stone Blockhouse that was built in the late 1840s and lasted until the 1937 flood destroyed it. It was replaced by a Checkers Store and is now home to Capazollo Printing. The center structure in the last card above shows Bristles Pharmacy that was constructed in 1851 as Dodsworth Hall. Bristles operated from 1877 to 1928.


Northside-Hamilton Ave..jpg (260915 bytes)        Northside-Hamilton Ave..jpg (227882 bytes)
Hamilton Avenue



Taylors block-n. bend.jpg (306981 bytes)
Taylor's Business Block
North Bend





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