Panoramic Views


   These are not postcards but they are so nice I had to put them up. After you click on them you will have to scroll to see it all. Depending on your connection speed some of these images will take awhile to load after you click on them so you are going to have to be patient.

27619459.oldcincy1.jpg (215815 bytes)

   This was taken from the top of the Suspension Bridge's Covington tower on November 11, 1908


27619461.oldcincy3.jpg (538365 bytes)

   These images were shot from the Covington side where the Licking River enters the Ohio. This was taken on 6/11/1914.


27619463.oldcincy4.jpg (678666 bytes)


1865-66 From Top Suspension.jpg (114675 bytes)

   Two version of the same image. Shot from the top of the Suspension Bridge's Covington tower. The cables have been strung but the bed has not been laid making the date late 1865 to 1866. The 2nd image is a smaller, cleaned-up, version.


27619465.oldcincy5.jpg (1242953 bytes)

   As you can see from the condition, this is one of the oldest ones. You can see the cables have been strung for the Suspension Bridge so that would place the date for this panorama around late 1865 to 1866.        


business district 1908.jpg (173438 bytes)

   This real photo is related to some of the cards seen on the previous page. It was taken from Mount Adams.


Cincinnati 1848.jpg (7458208 bytes)

   This one is HUGE when expanded, you will have to scroll back & forth and up & down to see it all. It's worth all the trouble. This sequence of photographs is extremely old, believe it or not it was taken in 1848. The clarity of the images is amazing.


panorama 1.jpg (333431 bytes)panorama 2.jpg (260197 bytes)

   This one I had to scan in two parts. It is from a small souvenir book (3.25" x 5") put out by E. N. Freshman & Bros. Advertising agents for newspapers. I have never seen this image anywhere before. 


The Cincinnati Motor Speedway

   The next three pictures show a race that was held at the Cincinnati Motor Speedway. Built in Sharonville on 640 acres in 1916 it was a 2 mile high banked oval made of wood. The so-called "board track", built by Harry Hake,  had 17 degree banked turns with 33 degrees at the top, and had 6 degree banked straightaways that were 70' wide. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which ran its first 500 mile race in 1911, cancelled its 1917 schedule because of WW I and was briefly used as an airplane repair facility. Cincinnati Motor Speedway applied for the May 30 race date and was awarded a 250 mile race. That race was won by Louis Chevrolet, who had designed passenger cars before selling his patent to General Motors. Unofficially, the number of people attending that race was estimated by the old Commercial-Tribune at 65,000 which makes it one of the largest crowds to attend a sporting event in Cincinnati history. Chevrolet averaged 102 MPH, and collected $12,500 prize money, a large sum in those days.
   The wooden boards did not weather well outdoors, and the track closed in December of 1919. The last event held there was a 48 hour endurance run for Essex autos in December. The site is currently a U.S. Post Office among other businesses. The track lumber was shipped to Chillicothe to be used in the construction of Camp Sherman during WW I.
   The three cards below show, what I believe to be, the first race held at the new track. It was the 300 mile 1st International Sweepstakes Race that was held on September 4, 1916. The winner was John Aitken who averaged 97.059 MPH. The crowd was estimated to be be 27,000 to 30,000. There was one fatality in the race, a mechanic Bert Shields was riding with driver Gil Anderson and was killed during an accident on lap 84. The driver was seriously injured.

First Annual International Sweepstake Race, 300 miles, Cincinnati Motor Speedway, Sept. 4, 1916-1.jpg (539563 bytes)


First Annual International Sweepstake Race, 30 miles, Cincinnati Motor Speedway, Sept. 4, 1916.jpg (336897 bytes)


Motor Speedway 1916.jpg (311741 bytes)


Sanborn Map Speedway.jpg (597940 bytes)        Speedway Location.JPG (54678 bytes)
       Sanborn Map              Google Map of Location






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