Downtown Streets 2



5 st east from Race.jpg (156168 bytes)    5th east from race-vert.jpg (167169 bytes)    5 st east from Race-1.jpg (119536 bytes)                5th and Race Street.jpg (295703 bytes)
                           East from Race                                                                             Fifth & Race


Vine St. Looking South.jpg (370684 bytes)
Looking South
on Vine


Cor 5 and Vine looking north.jpg (115577 bytes)                Vine st north from 5-4.jpg (93854 bytes)                Vine from 5th-c.jpg (304790 bytes)

These six cards all are Looking North on Vine Street from Fifth Street.

Vine st north from 5-2.jpg (88100 bytes)                    Vine st north from 5-5.jpg (104153 bytes)                    Vine st north from 5-3.jpg (112425 bytes)

Vine St. from 5th St..jpg (1081125 bytes)
1928 Photograph
Vine St. From 5th


Large 1910 Photograph
5th & Vine 1907.jpg (1522372 bytes)
5th & Race Streets

   I will try and explain some of the buildings you can see in the last six postcards and 1 very large photograph. I will be referring to the last two cards above mainly. The building on the right in both cards is the Mabley & Carew Department Store which occupied this spot for many years. The 4 story building across the street on the northwest corner (center card) was torn down and replaced by the twelve story Rollman's and Sons Department Store. Across the alley to the right of this building was the Hotel Havlin. When the Havlin closed, Rollman's purchased it, removed the alley, opened up the walls and connected the two buildings together thus expanding Rollman's retail space. After Rollman's closed Mabley & Carew moved across the street to this building. After the Carew Tower was constructed on the southwest corner Mabley & Carew moved into that building, they thus had occupied three of the four corners of fifth and Vine Sts. Of course Fountain Square now occupies the northeast corner. To the right of the Hotel Havlin is another alley and then the facade of the Grand Opera House which was rebuilt and eventually replace in 1939 by the Grand Theater. The next building north of the Grand at the southwest corner of Sixth & Vine was the Greenwood Building which was home to the Ohio Mechanics Institute from 1848 to 1910.. Barely seen across the street on Sixth is the Palace Hotel (now known as the Cincinnatian Hotel.). To the north of the Mabley & Carew building on the east side of Vine Street, across the street from the Grand) was the Lyric Theater. Opening in 1906 it presented musicals, vaudeville, and stage dramas before switching over to film. The Lyric closed in 1952 and was replaced by a parking lot. Across another alley is the Star Clothing Co. and next to it was the Family Theater a vaudeville house and then, by the 20s, a second run movie theater. The Family became the Western in the 1940s. When the Lyric was razed in 1952, the Western was remodeled and became the New Lyric but only lasted for less than a year. It was torn down 4 years later.


5th & Walnut-col.jpg (323720 bytes)            Walnut st north from 5-1.jpg (90108 bytes)    Walnut st north from 5.jpg (126103 bytes)            Main st north from 5.jpg (95968 bytes)    Main St. From Fountain Sq..jpg (328990 bytes)
Corner of Fifth and Walnut                           Looking North on Walnut                                       Looking North on Main           



6 st looking east from Elm.jpg (113798 bytes)               W 6th St RP.jpg (210848 bytes)                 Sycamore st north from 6.jpg (97570 bytes)                Vine st looking south from 6 st.jpg (107733 bytes)    Vine South from 6th.jpg (340630 bytes)
East from Elm                    40 West 6th St.                   North on Sycamore                                 South on Vine            
Real Photo PC                                                                                


6 st north from Race.jpg (134211 bytes)            cor 6 and Walnut.jpg (109538 bytes)            Notre Dame Convent-6th near Broadway.jpg (650510 bytes)
    North on Race                           Corner of Walnut St.                    6th St. near Broadway


6th St. East from Vine.jpg (1261576 bytes)
6th St. East From Vine



Race st south from 7.jpg (97448 bytes)            Elm st north from 7.jpg (68822 bytes)          *7th & Race Streets.jpg (102859 bytes)
South on Race                          North on Elm                       Seventh & Race



8 st east of vine.jpg (120838 bytes)
East from Vine


8 st west from Garfield Place.jpg (67822 bytes)            8 st east from Elm.jpg (107733 bytes)
West from Garfield Place



9th and Elm Sts.jpg (129944 bytes)
Elm Street near ninth St.



   The new Central Parkway that replaced the old Miami-Erie Canal and covered up the city's failed attempt to build a subway system was dedicated over a three day span, from October 1 to 3, 1928. The 4 and a half mile boulevard ran from Broadway Street to Ludlow Avenue at a cost of $4 million. The old North and South Canal Streets were replaced by 4 lane (1 for parking) one way streets

Central Parkway-a3.jpg (136199 bytes)      Central Parkway-a5.jpg (128615 bytes)      Central Parkway-a4.jpg (116994 bytes)      Central Parkway-a2.jpg (141370 bytes)      Central Parkway looking west.jpg (79614 bytes)
           Looking West


Central PKWay-double.jpg (139082 bytes)        Central Parkway-a1.jpg (121334 bytes)        Central Parkway looking east.jpg (102801 bytes)
Looking East 



Race St-N from 18th.jpg (231646 bytes)
Race St. North from 13th   




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