Crown Overalls.jpg (122682 bytes)        Crown & Headlight 1942 ad.jpg (178688 bytes)        Crown Manufacturing Co.jpg (455401 bytes)
Crown Headlight Overalls  3rd & Plum         Photograph


Frank Hess.jpg (107566 bytes)                 Luedeking.jpg (130931 bytes)
 Frank Hess Tailors 822 Elm                   Luedeking 6th & Vine St.   


Riverside Tailoring  Co..jpg (262679 bytes)
Riverside Tailoring Co.

   The Riverside Tailoring Co. was located at 131 W. 3rd Street. The Mules tail is real hair.


Geo. P. Bittner-Schaefer Tailors 37 E. 7th

Geo Bittner.jpg (110458 bytes)            Schaefer Tailors.jpg (63151 bytes)            Bittner-Schaefer Tailors-a3.jpg (88854 bytes)


Schafer Tailors-aa-front.jpg (92489 bytes)    Schafer Tailors-aa-back.jpg (49922 bytes)    Schafer Tailors-bb-front.jpg (108912 bytes)    Bittner Tailors-ds.jpg (126952 bytes)


The Schaefer Tailors in the 1960s

Schaefer.jpg (287236 bytes)                Schaefer2.jpg (295471 bytes)                Schaefer1.jpg (210985 bytes)
Schaefer back.jpg (102399 bytes)           Schaefer2 back.jpg (140732 bytes)          Schaefer1 back.jpg (100641 bytes)


Al Koch Tailors.jpg (227648 bytes)    Al Koch Tailors-back.jpg (218898 bytes)
Easter card for the Al. Koch Tailoring Co.
1181-83 Harrison Avenue


Nicholas & Sons Tailors & Clothiers.jpg (206794 bytes)    Nicholas Wolf back.jpg (115051 bytes)
Nicholas Wolf's Sons  325-27 East Pearl St.


Hooker & Lawrence.jpg (209983 bytes)    Hooker & Lawrence back.jpg (56857 bytes)    Hooker & Laurence Ad.jpg (178145 bytes)
Hooker & Laurence  402 Walnut Street

   This very rare card was mailed in 1897. The ad is folded up inside the pocket that is held closed by the tag seen at the top of the pocket. It was pushed into a slot under the top.


Roths Glove.jpg (136460 bytes)    Roths Glove out.jpg (248877 bytes)    Roths Glove in.jpg (260142 bytes)
Roth's Glove Emporium  25 W. Fourth Street

   This card is also a very rare item. I actually believe that this was a trade card that was transformed into a postcard. I think this is what happened because there was no way this card could be held closed when mailed except by taping it closed. I think I can see a VERY faint hint of tape residue, but if so it was professionally removed.


R. Caplun 1.jpg (307766 bytes)        R. Caplun 2.jpg (282540 bytes)        R. Caplun 3.jpg (224195 bytes)        R. Caplun 4.jpg (88204 bytes)
R. Caplun & Co. 409 W. 5th Street

   We now have another rare card of the R. Caplun Company tailors that was mailed in 1909. The card was held closed during mailing by parts of the top of the fence being inserted under the figures left foot and right hand. When you flip down the bottom half of the card you see the 2nd image. When you flip up the top of the 2nd image you see the 3rd image minus the bottom part of the 2nd since it is much too large for my scanner. The last is, of course, the back.


The Samuel Ach Company at 817-819-821-823 Walnut Street. Milliner (maker of hats)

Samuel Ach 10.jpg (129813 bytes)        Samuel Ach 1.jpg (98621 bytes)        Samuel Ach-md.jpg (93090 bytes)        Samuel Ach 2.jpg (104036 bytes)        Ach Co.-Ribbon Dept..jpg (282662 bytes)
                                                                  Hat Department                                                Trimming Room                        Ribbon Department


Ach-Cherub 1a.jpg (216556 bytes)    Samuel Ach 3.jpg (87268 bytes)    Ach-Cherub 2.jpg (168228 bytes)    Samuel Ach 4.jpg (78408 bytes)    Samuel Ach-v3.jpg (93121 bytes)    Ach-Cherub 3.jpg (171271 bytes)
                             Cherub 1               Cherub 2              Cherub 2                Cherub 3             Cherub 3


Samuel Ach 5.jpg (88430 bytes)    Samuel Ach 6.jpg (63354 bytes)    Samuel Ach 11.jpg (96718 bytes)    Samuel Ach 9.jpg (86236 bytes)    Ach-Cherub 9.jpg (159618 bytes)
Cherub 4                Cherub 5                Cherub 6                Cherub 7               Cherub 9


Ach All Nations 1.jpg (174732 bytes)    Ach-children 2.jpg (73682 bytes)    Samuel Ach 8.jpg (85700 bytes)    Samuel Ach Co. Children of Nations 6.jpg (259054 bytes)    Samuel Ach-Chinese.jpg (204774 bytes)    Samuel Ach 7.jpg (80337 bytes)
All Nations 1         All Nations 2         All Nations 3        All Nations 6        All Nations 8        All Nations 9

   Notice how they spelled Eskimo on the first card back then.

Samuel Ach.jpg (167362 bytes)
Newspaper drawing


On the Little Miami-back.jpg (88276 bytes)    On the Little Miami.jpg (222024 bytes)                        Clifton Millinery.jpg (144750 bytes)    Clifton back.jpg (144273 bytes)
The H. Stratemeyer Co. Wholesale Millinery                                  The Clifton Millinery  1122 Main Street    
145 West Fourth Street                                                                                                            


 The Goldman Beckman & Company were manufacturers of men's and young men's clothing located at the southwest corner of 4th and Elm. Louis J. Goldman was also President of the Obermayer Company (see Factories Section). These cards had the names of the stores around the country that sold their Kantbebeat product in the area at the bottom of the card.

Goldman Beckman & Co.-414 Walnut St. Clothing.jpg (145477 bytes)
Not A Postcard

Goldman & Beckman No.1.jpg (441369 bytes)    Kantbebeat-2.jpg (247514 bytes)    Goldman-1.jpg (103320 bytes)    Kantbebeat-5.jpg (284976 bytes)    Goldman-3.jpg (138070 bytes)    Kantbebeat-7.jpg (310432 bytes)
#1                    #2                          #4                           #5                            #6                            #7

Goldman-rev.jpg (78543 bytes)
Example of Cards Backs


Burkhart Bros Clothing Ad.jpg (273517 bytes)                A.E.Burkhardt-Furs-187-89 w 4th-78 W-4th & 258-60 Race.JPG (537771 bytes)        A.E.Burkhardt & Co-Hats-Furs-113 W.4th St..jpg (102913 bytes)

   This postcard above was for the Burkhardt Bros. Co. clothing store at 8-12 East 4th St. (across from the Sinton Hotel). It was announcing the arrival of their 1909 Fall clothes. In the early days Burkhardt was located in several places and was known as A. E. Burkhardt Co. In 1891, at that time the nation's largest dealer in raw furs, fell into the hands of creditors after it suffered a devastating fire that destroyed its seven floor store at 4th and Elm Streets. At the same time A. E. and his wife, Emma, had split up after 25 years of marriage. Emma borrowed $15,500 and put up her jewelry as collateral to by what was left of the company at auction. She renamed it Burkhardt Bros. and turned it over to her sons Andreas and Carl to manage. Their store at 4th and Vine Sts. lasted until  the 1980s. The first illustration shows the stores at 187-189 W. 4th, 78 W. 4th, and 258-260 Race St. The 2nd illustration shows his store at 113 W. 4th Street that burned down. (These are not postcards).


Anabel Faden.jpg (98723 bytes)                Bauer.jpg (61631 bytes)               John Hauenschild.jpg (107085 bytes)                Homan-Hughes Shoes.jpg (74001 bytes)
    Anabel Faden            Spring Millinery Display             Hauenschild & Co.                Homan-Hughes. 
 3437 Eastern Ave.                                                                                                                         Cheviot          

  John Hauenschild dry goods store was located at 3049 Madison Road (ca1916). This address is not in Cheviot, but I believe he may have lived in Cheviot. John Schultz's name is also associated with this Co.


Globe Clothing House.jpg (108189 bytes)      Globe Clothing House-back.jpg (143222 bytes)        Globe Clothing House.jpg (319328 bytes)        Globe Clothing 3.jpg (278664 bytes)
Globe Clothing House 202 W. Fifth Street


Parisian Corset.jpg (149716 bytes)                           George Schorr clothes.jpg (67232 bytes)
    The Parisian Corset Store                                        George Schorr Co.            
Race & Opera Place                                          s. w. cor. Vine & Pearl


Tailorcrest.jpg (111104 bytes)        Davis Tailors.jpg (516116 bytes)
 P. H. Davis Tailoring Co.           Ad     

   The P. H. Davis Co. was located at 2106 Iowa Ave. near Reading Road.


*Teasdale cleaning.jpg (58171 bytes)        W.S.Teasdale-Teasdale Dye Works.jpg (192223 bytes)        Teasdale Dye House 2.jpg (232193 bytes)        Teasdale Dye House-625-627 Walnut & 56-60 Gano.JPG (618350 bytes)
Teasdale Co.-Dyers & Cleaners 627 Walnut St.


Fabric-Store.jpg (206729 bytes)

   This real photo postcard, published by W. H. Cubberly a commercial photographer located at 1401 Vine St., looks like it could have been some kind of fabric store although that is strictly a guess.





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