1994 Bicentennial Covers


    I had an opportunity to obtain these covers for a paltry 4 cents a cover and so I could hardly not buy them. There are 32 covers and I have no idea how many the total collection comes to. Obviously these are not postcards but they are postal related so I thought that I would share them with you. I have no idea what the story is behind these covers so if anyone out there can enlighten me as to the making of these covers please help me out. They seem to have been made with the help of school children drawing the cachets, maybe it was some kind of competition put on by the city. There are somewhere around 76 Zip Codes assigned to the Cincinnati area so these covers represent less than half of the total number available. Are there more?
   I am putting these up, in order, starting with the lowest Zip Code. I do not understand the naming of some of these stations  For instance Zip Code 45258 is listed as the Don Marrs Station, again any help would be appreciated.

45202.jpg (528873 bytes)        45203.jpg (539489 bytes)        45205.jpg (615085 bytes)        45206.jpg (460734 bytes)
45202-Queen City Sta.                45203-Mid City Sta.                  45205-Price Hill Sta.               45206-Walnut Hills Sta.


45208.jpg (540694 bytes)        45209.jpg (479610 bytes)        45211.jpg (511778 bytes)        45212.jpg (535351 bytes)
45208-Hyde Park Sta.                  45209-Oakley Sta.                  45211-Westwood Sta.                45212-Norwood Sta.  


45214.jpg (472522 bytes)        45215.jpg (496096 bytes)        45217.jpg (495487 bytes)        45219.jpg (477107 bytes)
45214-Main Post Office                45215-Lockland Sta.               45217-St. Bernard Sta.              45219-Corryville Sta.     


45222.jpg (544863 bytes)        45223.jpg (503428 bytes)        45224.jpg (527414 bytes)        45225.jpg (521391 bytes)
45222-Roselawn Sta.             45223-Cumminsville Sta.             45224-College Hill Sta.            45225-Stockyards Sta.


45226.jpg (529009 bytes)        45227.jpg (505076 bytes)        45229.jpg (489138 bytes)        45230.jpg (485620 bytes)
    45226-East End Sta.                45227-Madisonville Sta.             45229-Avondale Sta.         45230-Mt. Washington Sta.


45231.jpg (559850 bytes)        45234.jpg (513351 bytes)        45236.jpg (465129 bytes)        45240.jpg (489303 bytes)
45231-Mt. Healthy                      45234-Tower Sta.                          45236-Taft Sta.                        45240-Parkdale       


45241.jpg (590733 bytes)        45242.jpg (508964 bytes)        45243.jpg (520640 bytes)        45244.jpg (531564 bytes)
45241-Sharonville Sta.                45242-Sycamore Sta.                    45243-Madera Sta.                    45244-Newtown     


45251.jpg (516491 bytes)        45255.jpg (508319 bytes)        45258.jpg (493586 bytes)        45275.jpg (474741 bytes)
45251-Groesbeck Sta.                45255-Anderson Sta.                45258-Don Marrs Sta.                  45275Airport Sta.     



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