1913 Loveland Flood


   This page of real photo postcards show the damage the 1913 flood did to the community of Loveland. If anyone can identify any of these cards as to the exact location please let me know.

Loveland 1913 flood-1a.jpg (105964 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1b.jpg (119925 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1c.jpg (90532 bytes)    Loveland flood-1913.jpg (158252 bytes)    Loveland-Track Crossing.jpg (270146 bytes)
         R. R. bridge over Little Miami                                                     Railroad station                                         Railroad Crossing

   The first card above shows the passenger train that was stuck on the B & O Bridge. Water rose up inside the cab while the crew of 6 men spent the night on the engine. The water went nearly to the eaves of the B & O depot seen in the 4th card. The 5th card above shows the railroad crossing after the flood.


Loveland 1913 flood-1d.jpg (99925 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1e.jpg (68275 bytes)    Loveland flood-1913 (3).jpg (331079 bytes)    Loveland flood-1913 (1).jpg (255508 bytes)    Loveland flood-1913 (4).jpg (243253 bytes)
Taylor Street  


Loveland 1913 flood-1f.jpg (82424 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1g.jpg (89893 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1h.jpg (70414 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1i.jpg (100158 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1j.jpg (78144 bytes)
                                                                                              Jackson St. looking west


Loveland 1913 flood-1k.jpg (100330 bytes)    Loveland 1913 Flood-t1.jpg (184413 bytes)    Loveland 1913 Flood-nx.jpg (165680 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1m.jpg (187805 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1o.jpg (99360 bytes)
Little Miami River                                                                                                                                                                     Bandstand      


Loveland 1913 flood-1p.jpg (208055 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1q.jpg (82518 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1r.jpg (91031 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1s.jpg (286594 bytes)    Loveland-1913 Flood.jpg (192399 bytes)
Jackson St. looking west                                                                                                                                                                                              
4 hours before the flood                                                                                                                                                                                                


Loveland 1913 flood-1l.jpg (216861 bytes)    Loveland 1913 flood-1n.jpg (85285 bytes)    Loveland 1913 Flood-nw.jpg (251821 bytes)    Loveland flood-1913 (2).jpg (206582 bytes)    Loveland 1913Flood-RPPC.jpg (182672 bytes)
Stokes Grocery-total loss                2nd  Street                                                                     Near the Town Hall                                                  
water was 6" from ceiling                                                                                                                                                                                             


Loveland 1913 Flood-Back Street.jpg (166305 bytes)

   Written on the back of this card is "Back Street" Where the log is laying was a solid row of houses. All were swept away.



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