1913 Flood 2



1888 Map Cincinnati Railroads.jpg (676082 bytes)

   This is another map drawn in 1888 which will help in locating the various streets and most of the railroad depots that were affected by the 1913 flood. There were many changes between 1888 and 1913 but this should give you a rough idea of locations.


1913 flood Kraemer 11 .jpg (93833 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 12 .jpg (94167 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 15 .jpg (86035 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 37.jpg (87964 bytes)
    Penn. R. R. depot                   Penn. baggage room                Big 4 R. R. Terminals             Big 4 R. R. Freight Depot

   The damage caused by this flood caused food prices to rise as farm products could not reach the city and all the produce already in the depots were destroyed by the water. Butter and eggs became scarce and potato prices tripled as they were seized by towns along the tracks desperate for food. The Penn. R. R. Depot above is the L. M. Depot on the map (Little Miami). The Big Four is the Grand Central Depot on the map.


1913 flood Kraemer 24.jpg (90911 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 38.jpg (104048 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 19 .jpg (79691 bytes)
  West End R. R. Yards                 C. H. & D. Depot              View from C. & O. Bridge

    The C. & O. bridge view would be the C. H. & D. Freight Depot (I think). The West End R. R. Yards show the Louisville & Nashville Freight Depot.


1913 flood Kraemer 30.jpg (94194 bytes)            CNO&TP Freight Daepo.jpg (467523 bytes)            1938 Cincinnati Aerial.jpg (759170 bytes)
          Queen & Crescent Depot

   The Queen & Crescent freight depot (CNO&TP) can be seen at the corner of Front And Vine Streets with flood waters up to the 2nd floor. The newly constructed Union Central Life Insurance building can be seen in the background. The 2nd & 3rd images are not postcards, I am showing them here for a better look at this depot..


1913 flood Kraemer 32.jpg (102176 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 33.jpg (89511 bytes)
Freight Yards                        Freight Terminals

   These two freight yards have to be part of the Grand Central Depot complex.


1913 flood Kraemer 35.jpg (104574 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 36.jpg (87922 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 16 .jpg (64246 bytes)
Grand Central Depot                Grand Central Depot               Grand Central Depot   



1913 flood Kraemer 3 .jpg (83697 bytes)        1913 Flood-Coal Harbor.jpg (247601 bytes)        1913 Flood-za.jpg (116810 bytes)
Coal Yards & Gas Works                   A Coal Harbor                      Rushing coal to needy    



1913 flood Kraemer 27.jpg (108054 bytes)    1913 flood Kraemer 2 .jpg (88688 bytes)    1913 flood Kraemer 18 .jpg (107657 bytes)    1913 flood Kraemer 34.jpg (92036 bytes)   1913 flood Kraemer 29.jpg (101514 bytes)
Suspension Bridge landing     Mt. Adams from L & N                          View from Central Bridge                            Suspension from  KY.       



1913 flood Kraemer 4 .jpg (119672 bytes)            1913 flood Kraemer 25.jpg (99478 bytes)    1913 flood Kraemer 28.jpg (97601 bytes)    1913 flood Kraemer 26.jpg (109850 bytes)
2nd St. from Walnut                                                                      West on 2nd. Street                                                


1913 flood Kraemer 22 .jpg (98256 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 14 .jpg (103791 bytes)
2nd. and Walnut Sts.                Vine St. from 2nd St.



1913 flood Kraemer 7 .jpg (112756 bytes)
East on Pearl St. 


1913 flood Kraemer 13 .jpg (88701 bytes)        Flood 1913-Pearle & Syc.jpg (110655 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 8 .jpg (99693 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 9 .jpg (101717 bytes)
Pearl and Broadway                Pearl and Sycamore                                              Main and Pearl St.                            


1913 flood Kraemer 10 .jpg (108739 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 20 .jpg (99656 bytes)        1913 Flood Pearl & Vine Looking E.jpg (360130 bytes)
Pearl and Vine Streets


1913 flood Kraemer 23.jpg (120888 bytes)        1913 Flood 13.jpg (93085 bytes)
Pearl & Walnut Sts                    Pearl and Race Sts 



1913 flood Kraemer 6 .jpg (92224 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 21 .jpg (95821 bytes)
3rd. & Eggleston 



1913 flood Kraemer 5 .jpg (88128 bytes)        1913 Flood-reprint.jpg (312765 bytes)        1913 Flood 8th & McClean.jpg (338784 bytes)
West from  8th St .Viaduct              8th & Evans Street                  8th & McClean Ave.    

   The factory on the right in the 1st card is the Fisher Carriage Co., maker of the "Cino" Motor Car.



1913 flood Kraemer 1 .jpg (96038 bytes)        1913 flood-Eastern Ave.jpg (118142 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 17 .jpg (87894 bytes)        1913 flood Kraemer 31.jpg (95911 bytes)
Adams Express Office        Eastern Ave. & Torrence Rd.        Red Cross relief boat                 Cincinnati Firemen   
                                                                                                                                                                Race and Commerce

   The Adams Express Co. was located on Butler St.  between Pearl and Front Sts. (near L. M. Depot on map.)


1913 Flood-Rubber Boat sale.jpg (85555 bytes)        1913 Flood-zb.jpg (87005 bytes)        Lunkenheimer Flood 1913.jpg (266856 bytes)
Special sale of rubber boats               Scene of  Levee                The Lunkenheimer Co. &   
                                                                                                           Herancourt Brewery
                                                                                                         From Harrison Ave. Viaduct

   Location of the first card is on Pearl Street between Sycamore and Broadway. The second card shows the riverfront landing.



     This is a complete list of the Cincinnati 1913 flood cards issued by Kraemer that I do not have. 

Newspaper Train.jpg (258091 bytes)
Cincinnati Newspaper Train



  The R. F. Johnston Paint Company at the corner of Pearl and Main Street obviously saw a possible gold mine of positive advertising of its product in this disaster occurring  on its own premises. Written on the backs of a couple of them is the following: "The Mail, Telegraph and Transportation facilities of Cincinnati and vicinity have been greatly impaired by floods since March 25th. If there is an apparent delay in writing you, it is entirely due to this cause and not to inattention on our part".  The Johnston Paint store covered an entire block with its warehouse across the street. The card in the center of the second row shows the company's employees filling orders from a boat to a horse cart. 

Johnston Paint Flood 1.jpg (107093 bytes)    Johnston Paint Flood 2.jpg (131076 bytes)    Johnston Paint Flood 3.jpg (117644 bytes)    Johnston Paint Flood 4.jpg (149177 bytes)    Johnston Paint-1913 Flood-s1.jpg (102499 bytes)


Johnston Paint Flood 5.jpg (151222 bytes)    Johnston Paint Flood 6.jpg (121513 bytes)    Johnston Paint Flood 7.jpg (121128 bytes)    Johnstons Paints-1913 flood-vrt.jpg (101624 bytes)    Johnstons Paint-1913 flood-vert.jpg (285108 bytes)    1913 Flood vert.jpg (74278 bytes)
                                                                                                                                       Pearl & Main


1913 Flood Sportsman Shot Works.jpg (204269 bytes)
Sportsman's Shot Works Plant
Court and Harriet Sts.


Flood 1913-Cleves.jpg (294944 bytes)                                Cleves Flood 1913.jpg (334300 bytes)
First Steamboat on Great Miami,                                                                                 
During 1913 Flood.                                                                                


1913 Flood Entrance to Union Depot.jpg (204866 bytes)
Entrance to Central Union Depot